The `Blank Void’

The `Blank Void’ visualisation re-familiarises the brain with its true nature. Go to your Ashram and settle down for contemplation.



Sitting quietly in your preferred meditating posture, close your eyes and watch the mental mayhem coming and going. In this exercise, we are trying to create periods of mental blankness. To begin with, a beginner will experience inner havoc when he/she closes the eyes. The brain, not liking inactivity, will go all over the place. Never mind, there’s a steady plan of action to train the brain to obey orders. A procession of brain traffic crosses your mind for the first few minutes. Try not to interfere with it, stay aloof. Just keep watching even though you may not like what you see. The brain is an organic computer used to bleeping, blinking, processing files, and doing all the things that computers do. So the last thing to do is get into a street fight with the brain as it will win every time with one hand tied behind its back. It is far better to outsmart the brain by dispassionately watching the inner chaos; let it come and let it go. Eventually, the brain traffic settles and then you may begin to see blank voids. Don’t be disheartened if your first few attempts are unsuccessful, keep trying!
The second stage of ‘Blank Void’ visualisation is to imagine floating in deep space. In the darkness visualise silver symbols – silver triangles, cubes, squares, circles, etc. These imaginings will keep you focused on the ‘blank void’. Very soon your mind, spirit, and body will resonate harmoniously. Existing in the ‘blank void’ will bring back childhood memories because as a child you continuously lived in blank voids. Stay focused on the ‘blank void’ for as long as you can. When your time is up, get ready to come out of visualisation. Open your eyes and gently stretch. Try and hold onto the ‘blank void’ for the rest of the day.


school classroom

Generally, most western children attend school every weekday for ten years or more apart from holidays and sick-days. Wouldn’t it be great if you could re-enact your old school days and get back that missing part of you? Well… you can! And the results are nothing short of staggering! Come on then, let’s go; let’s prove to ourselves just how staggering ‘A Typical School Day’ visualization really is.

Choose a school year that you can easily remember. You might remember at the age of 11 changing from junior to senior school. Or maybe you remember infant days at school better. For whatever reasons, the chosen school year should have as many memories as possible. You may have had an unhappy year but remember it well, but as long as the memories are not too painful it’s better to use the year with more recall.

Here goes… you are in your Ashram (hideaway), sitting comfortably in one of the preferred yoga postures. Slow down the rush of the day with calm cycles of Pranayama and follow the visualization.


Wakey wakey, rise and shine… you are 7 years old (or whatever age you’ve selected). It’s the first light. Your eyes open and you’re raring to go. If it’s raining you’ll take great delight in splashing through puddles and feeling the fresh rainwater on your face. If the rooftops and streets below are snow-covered there might be snowball-fights and ice-skating on the way to school. If it’s sunny, then it will be a no-school-blazer day and play times will be outside. Stop daydreaming! Get out of bed! For a few moments look around your bedroom and see if you can spot any of your old toys, books, models, posters, etc. (spend a couple of minutes inwardly viewing).

After spotting a few old favourite belongings, leave the bedroom and head for the bathroom. Shower, or wash, dry yourself, brush your teeth, do your hair and head for the breakfast room. As you enter the breakfast room remember that everything looks bigger. You stand only just higher than the dining table while sitting on a chair your legs might not even reach the ground! Take note of all the family members, if any, who join you for breakfast, and all the food and items on the table. You may re-smell the aromas of the eating room. Remember that Grandparents, parents, siblings and pets all had their individual smell. Re-experience the taste and smell of your favourite food; cereal, toast, a fry-up, boiled eggs, tea, orange juice or whatever (spend 2 minutes enjoying breakfast).

After breakfast leave for school. Dress according to the weather. Duffel coat, balaclava, mittens, blazer, cap, and last but not least your school bag. Give a big kiss and hug to mum or dad if they’re around and set off for school. Travel by train, bus, car, bicycle, or however you used to get there. When you get to school take note of the building’s exterior. Play with your friends in the playground till the whistle blows for assembly. Once in school, check your timetable and attend each lesson for the day. Note the architecture of the building and the interior of the classrooms. Sit at a desk and write in an old textbook… You might write: ‘I am 9 years old, happy, and healthy.’ (Spend 1-2 minutes in each lesson). Carefully travel through the school day including lunch break and playtimes till the last lesson comes and goes and you hear the bell ring for home-time.

When you leave the school building look for your chaperone, or travelling home friends (spend 2 minutes on your home journey). When you return home, greet your mum, dad, siblings, and do all the things that you used to do when you returned home from school. Observe dinnertime in the same way that you observed breakfast time. Finally, at bedtime climb up the wooden hill and get into bed. Take a last look around your bedroom and turn out the light… goodnight! (Remain for a minute or two in the darkness).

When ready, tell yourself you’re returning to the physical world. Open your eyes and gently stretch.

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step towards rejuvenation. Don’t be






pizap.com15727313822408The ageing process is an inevitable event. We have been nurtured and programmed to view ageing as a one-way street – growing older till hitting our sell-by-date.  Modern Man has his foot all the way down on the  accelerator, when it come to the ageing process.  Man is losing many natural faculties (concentration, face-to-face communication, etc.)  due to this technological wild fire that is behind our ever-quickening pace of life. Our mind and body, at cellular level, lacks the capability to keep up with the high-powered demands of 21st century westernized life, therefore rapid ageing and stress-related disease has grown to epidemic proportions.

Through the use of fun-packed mind exercises you can reinvent your life, health, and slow down your ageing speed. There is a path to happiness and inner harmony that leads you back to a similar inner-environment (mind/body) you enjoyed as a child.

You could look and feel ten years younger via this program, because you are most probably, ten years prematurely aged.

You COULD regain childlike posture? You COULD breathe fully and efficiently, as you did as a child? You COULD regain the same inner happiness you revelled in as a child?






Read a true life story from my book – 

Use Your Brain To Elongate Your Cell-By-Date’

In cancer wards one becomes acquainted with beautiful people who are on their way to the next world. You may walk into their room one afternoon or evening and find that the person with whom you have grown to know and like has gone. You inquire and the icy answer is too familiar – ‘I’m sorry she’s down in the morgue; are you a relative?’   Evelyn did just that to me. Kathryn, my late wife and I were at the Charing Cross hospital in London where she was on an experimental course which involved ‘magic bullet’ treatment – I won’t go into it here. However, Kathryn was in total isolation because of her white cell deficiency; I entered her room only if I wore all the safety uniform provided. Kathryn slept most of the time so I wandered incessantly when my eyes refused to read any longer.   Evelyn was in the main ward and further down the line with her ‘magic bullet’ treatment; I could talk to her without wearing a safety uniform. We got talking, she told me her story and I told her ours. She liked the ‘Use Your Brain’ idea better than the ‘magic bullet’ treatment so I got her started. Every day Evelyn wore her wig in perfect place and her makeup looked good enough for drinking tea at the Ritz. I talked and she listened. She madly wanted to go back to age 6 when she lived with her Nan for most of the time because her mother was ill.   ‘No disrespect to my mother, but I loved my Nan and all her cats.’

Evelyn’s partner was an upright proud-looking gentleman and I’ll never forget the early morning I went for a walk and found him in the corridor weeping; Evelyn had passed away in her sleep peacefully. I paid my respects and headed back to check on Kathryn. Two weeks later Kathryn was up and in the main ward out of isolation. I was sleeping back home and travelling daily to the hospital. One afternoon Kathryn casually craned her neck from the TV and said,   ‘Oh by the way Evelyn’s husband dropped by this morning and gave me this letter for you.’resized

I ran into Kathryn’s isolation room and sat down to read. The letter wasn’t directly to me, and it wasn’t a letter; my original thought was why give me a shopping-list. Then I began to read:   ‘Woke up this morning and could smell my Nan and her cats; it’s lovely. I long to go into a garden and smell all the flowers, I loved flowers as a child. I like thinking that I’m 6. I don’t even feel ill when I’m thinking I’m 6! My skin has changed, I know my skin after 61 years and it’s looking refreshed. Edmond commented on my skin today with not a slight inkling or a light prod from myself – now that’s a coincidence! Today I wanted to eat, I mean wanted to eat for the first time in months – it was wonderful- I had scrambled eggs on toast, and then more toast covered in marmalade! I loved scrambled eggs as a child, and it was my Nan who introduced to me to that kind of egg cooking.

‘The Inner Master whom Robert spoke of abiding in each one of us, a part of God, I’m sure came to the surface of my mind this morning. A voice inside me said all is well and forever in my arms you shall be. I no longer hold the dreaded fear of dying; somehow I now know that he is waiting for me to guide me on my continuing journey.’

I don’t know what Edmond did when he read her notes, but I wept in the toilets for ten minutes. Then later I rejoiced and knew Evelyn would be part of this book, and that she would inspire others, even in their eleventh hour to draw great comfort and knowledge from childlike mentality.