Inner Master Visualization

Today I used exaggerated detail to bring my guided imagery to life. I started my journey at the riverside. I visualized blades of wet grass, soggy soil under my feet, and tried to feel the sensation of wet grass on my toes and soggy soil under my feet. I pictured clover, buttercups, daisies, and trees dripping with morning dew. I saw the gliding green-blue river carrying twigs, water skaters, leaves, and other objects, and above the river surface I saw a kingfisher dive into the river and fly out of the water with a huge silver fish in its beak. It swallowed the fish whole. A fox came up to me with her 5 cubs and allowed me to stroke them. I spend a couple of minutes stroking the vixen and her cubs.

riverside viz

At the stepping stone, on the other side of the river bank, I spotted my inner master. He stood smiling at me. He was wearing a yellow satin long jacket. He stood emblazoned in a white-yellow aura. He walked off into the wood. I carefully hopped over the wet slippery stepping stones. I allowed myself to be immersed in a slow spinning turquoise whirlpool. I enjoyed swimming in the warm water against the bubbling spin of the mint smelling whirlpool.

I entered the wood. I saw lots of red, and magnolia mushrooms growing at the foot of tree trunks, and a clearing populated with glazed buttercups, and groups of bluebells in bright green grass. I came to a large clearing. A great white light shone. A chocolate colored cabin appeared in the clearing. All the animals of the forest came to greet me, a rabbit, a badger, and blue and gold birds settled on me; a cartoon-y looking snake rubbed himself against me with a big friendly smile and I allowed him to lick my hand.

My Inner Master greeted me. He embraced me. I felt his unconditional love pouring through me like an electric current.  I sat down at the log fireside.  He handed me a tin mug with green tea in it.  I tried to smell the aroma of the scented tea and the fumes of the burning logs.

He suggested I should try to visualize the smell of 10 items, e.g., a rose, coffee, mustard, etc.   He added I should repeat the operation with sound, e. g., the cracking noise of burning wood, the sound of the soughing wind rustling through the leaves, teeming rain, and so on. When he finished talking I said my goodbyes and left my inner guide. I retraced my steps though the wood, over the stepping stones and back to where I started at the riverside.

I returned to the physical world in my usual fashion.

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