The Crane

In this visualization, whilst sitting on a chair, I outstretch my arms (wings) and make up and down stokes while envisaging myself as a flying crane. I breathe in and out, in sync with my arms (wings).  I see clearly my brilliant-white downy wings and the long length and width of them. I observe my soft white feathered head and thin red beak. My long legs lifelessly dangled during flight.

I spot a woman throwing pieces of bread out of a lighthouse window, and fly speedily to catch the scraps before the greedy gulls. I notice, in my haste, I move my arms (wings) in a new way; instead of raising and lowering the full length of my arms, which soon creates aching, I use circular movements of the balls of my shoulders, which is less tiring and adds stronger wing power.

Crane vid

I settle on the black jagged rocks at the foot of the lighthouse, and peck at black hard-shelled muscles; foamy waves crash against the rocks. I fly to shore and stand with other cranes, pecking my white plumage (shoulders and chest). The new wing movements are a great shoulder and deep breathing exercise. The plumage pecking exercises the neck muscles. With regular practice I discovered I felt my wings and joyed the sensation of flying.


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