I imagine slowing down my heart beat.  I allow time for my breathing to fall deep and rhythmic, like baby breathing.  I become still and peaceful: the perfect inner setting for meditation.


I recite (verbally or mentally), ‘I am 11 (any age) years old, happy and healthy’, and imagine breathing lungs with the elasticity and expansion capacity of 11-year old me… I note  my abdominal organs are in peak condition, as at age 11… I mentally sit behind my eyes and visualize brilliant-white healing vapor disbursing flecks in my eyes, and picture pulling the retina muscles taunt to improve my eyesight, subsequently, I see as well as at age 11… I turn my attention to the instrument of hearing. I visualize  sowing seeds to grow new hair cells of the inner ear, subsequently, I hear as well as when at age 11… I send brilliant-white healing vapor to olfactory cells. The vapor disposes of polyps and nasal congestion, allowing me to smell the world as well as at age 11. I slowly come out of meditation and gently stretch.

Visit your ‘Inner Pharmacy’ and in meditation visualize yourself back to the fitness of 11-year old you. Believing is the beginning of all healing.



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