Inner Master

Today I spent time at the riverside stroking the fox cubs, mummy fox lay nearby and allowed me to stroke her belly as well as her cubs. I felt the dew-soaked grass under my feet and saw buttercups, daisies, and over the river surface, hovering kingfisher chicks.  (My power of visualizing is intensifying.)  I eyed the gliding river, and gushing water toppling over a dip in the river’s path. At a point farther in the river’s journey I carefully trod over the wet slippery stepping stones, and entered the wood.  I saw a holly push emblazoned with bright red berries where a blackbird and his brown partner pecked at berries fallen on the ground. The male blackbird flew onto my arm and permitted me to stroke his soft head.


I came to the clearing in the wood engulfed in great white light; all the animals and birds came to greet me, including the friendly snake! I sat at the burning log fire, close to the chocolate colored cabin, and drank scented tea with my Inner Master sitting opposite me. I tried to capture the smell of burning wood and the taste and aroma of my scented tea. My Inner Master advised me to visit more often and explained I can keep in communication through reciting the affirmation: ‘Inner Master, please guide me spiritually, mentally, and physically.’ The time arrived for me to leave and I felt extremely sad. Inner Master embraced me, filling me with unconditional love. I retraced my steps back to where I set out on my walk…

I told myself to prepare to return to the worldly plane. I opened my eyes and gently stretched…


My Blogs

My blogs are journalistic and follow visualizations /meditations /and other mind exercises that I daily practice, and are based on the mind excises given in my book/manual:



These wonderful inner journeys can add a new dimension to your life. Self-Healing, Self-improvement, natural-ageing, true happiness, and the reunification between you and your child self, are all attainable by regularly practicing ‘USE YOUR BRAIN’ exercises.