Visualization (child-age affirmation)

I swam in a calm ocean; I relaxed, bobbing up and down with the waves during rest periods. I found myself accompanied by friendly, clicking, dolphins. They dove in and out of the deep-blue water, escorting me to a far-off deserted island. I espied the shore with mountains in the far background and palm trees, white sand, and waves breaking on the beaches in the foreground.

I arrived…

On the wet beach I used a branch to inscribe in deep lettering… ‘I am 9 years old’. I found a large tin can with a pouring lip, and having broken several coconuts filled the can with coconut milk.  I poured the milk into my child-age affirmation in the sand. I sat and recited the child-age affirmation while looking at the brilliant-white lettering in the sand.


Something strange and wonderful happened…

I saw myself as a schoolboy in uniform… school cap and all. I was throwing a small wooden ball at coconuts on a coconut shy at a funfair. I heard the ‘tink’ as the ball hit the tin bowl the coconut sat in. This spontaneous ‘flashback’  looked like a scene from a schoolboy comic – the’ Victor’ or ‘Dandy’. The flashback was enriching and energizing; I felt totally buzzed up.

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