Many people who have experimented with ‘Use Your Brain’ have come back to me with reports of all kinds of responses to the metal work they put into affirming their child-age affirmation, visualizations, and meditations. One woman, Valerie, recently explained to me that she hadn’t really expected to get any major responses from working with the program, but decided to go through the motions of working with the child-age affirmation because it sounded so promising and a lot of fun. Valerie’s true story of how her eyesight returned to normal following her work with child-age 12, as miraculous as it may sound, doesn’t astonish me.  In the beginning, when I discovered the trick to de-ageing and finding spiritual happiness I used myself as a guinea pig and enjoyed an array of wonderful responses to my mental work.  Then I discovered it worked for people of all walks of life, if they were prepared to put in some mental work. Not only did I take note of the physical changes that happened to me,  so too did other people, i.e., a person I might not have seen for a while would comment on the fact that they thought I looked younger than the last time they had seem me.  Valerie elaborates:



‘I read ‘Use your brain to elongate your cell-by-date’ and decided to start doing the visualizations. I started to recite the affirmation: ‘I am 12 year old. I am happy and healthy.’ I went on line and found comics I read when I was 12. I found looking at the comics (Bunty) that I hadn’t seen in years took me back to my bedroom at home when I used to sit and read. I started regularly visualizing using the images of comics I found on line as a tool to get clearer pictures in my head of 12-year-old me. I do a lot of work on my laptop and would be lost without my glasses, but after a few days of doing the visualizations, going back to 12 years old, I noticed I couldn’t see as well with my glasses on. I took them off and discovered my vision was better without them, and from that day my eyesight went on to improve so much I now no longer wear glasses for reading. I can read very small print clearly, and my eyesight is as good as it was when I was 12 years old.  I have also noticed a great improvement in my sense of smell.’

Why don’t you, reader, start to talk to your brain and body by using the fun-packed exercises in ‘Use Your Brain’.





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