The Crane Routine

‘Stand in tadasana (upright with arms at the sides), and breathe freely. Imagine that your inner guide is about to steer your body. Envisage your arms are long powerful wings. Lift the wings out to the wooded cross shape, so they are horizontal. Then lift your arms up and down like a huge bird in flight. Gently inhale on the up strokes and exhale on the down strokes. Imagine that your downy wings are longer than your arms; give a foot of rise and a foot of fall at the ends of your strokes.


Now experience lifting off accompanied by the wonderful rising sensation of flying. Fly high into the sunset soaring above the uppermost tips of evergreens and high over snow-capped mountains. The air is fresh against your cheeks and thermals lift and lower you gently; these are times to take a rest. When you’re ready, make your descent and swoop in to land in shallow water and join other cranes as they peck for fish and worms. Practice standing on one leg then the other while flapping your wings in the classic crane posture.

Finally, peck your upper plumage clean. Imagine your chin as a long beak pecking across the clavicles, and the top and backs of the shoulder blades. Be sure not to over stretch your neck while pecking the tops and backs of the shoulder blades.

Absent Healing

Absent healing is the art of sending healing to far-off places. Patients have felt relief from severe pain and anxiety at the exact time of a healer (perhaps on the other side of the world) sending his /her healing energies. If you would like to send healing energies, and love to a relative, friend, or  perhaps little children in third world countries, then the ‘Crane Routine’ is an ideal carrier. Visualize flying across land to the place where the patient lies, enter the room and breathe out your healing energies upon the recipient/s.

The first time I experienced ‘Crane Routine’, I was left feeling astronomically light… so light I fancied that I might physically fly! The ‘Crane Routine’ develops powerful lungs and may be practiced while sitting down.

Taken from ‘Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-By-Date’

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