Elderly patients who get no visitors when they are in hospital

“Two-fifths (40%) of patients on UK hospital wards get no visitors, say the NHS nurses who care for them.”

I was horrified to read there are so many patients in hospital who get no visitors, but I think this is going to be a growing concern. Homo sapiens are living longer, but their health is not standing the test of time. For the elderly, the list of age-related physical and mental/ailments is as long as the line of hopefuls queuing up to audition for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Elderly people often see their loved ones and friends pass away, to leave them without a friendly familiar face to cheer them up. I have heard many stories of elderly patients who have offspring who fail to visit because of a busy lifestyle, i.e., work commitment, finding a babysitter, and so on.

“The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London has “bleep volunteers” – people who help fetch drugs from the pharmacy and deliver them to the ward so that patients can go home quickly once they have been discharged.”

Hospitals are training volunteers who might give a couple of hours a week to help out in wards, even if it is simply pouring a glass of water, peeling an orange, or taking a tray away after a patient has finished eating. Volunteers might offer patients with no means of transport a lift to and from hospital, and settle them in when they arrive home. This scheme is amazing, but hospital can’t bring an elderly patient’s loved ones back to the world, and nurses and volunteers can’t tend to lonely patients, full-time. So what’s to be done?

teenager girls holding hands

I believe if a patient, or any person for that matter, could learn to consciously visualize, he/she would find all-round life enrichment.

You and I have our very own higher Self, the person to whom that inner voice belongs. However, the inner voice seldom has the chance to play an important role in our thinking and actions because we tend to ignore it. Through the practice of certain visualization techniques we can reconnect to our higher Self and find guidance, permanent friendship, and happiness. In these modern times people are magnetized to the external world and all that goes with it. This is a shame, because meanwhile, the inner-ness or spirit of a person burns down to a wavering feeble flame.

The answer may well lie with each one of us: if we could learn to visualize and affirm certain positive statements while we are well we need never feel lonely and isolated. A bed-bound patient who has learnt to a reasonable degree how to consciously visualize could go on a day-trip to the seaside, or walk over twinkling bright green meadows and on to a waterfall with a turquoise healing pool. The responses to these powerful fun-packed brain exercise are staggering beneficial.

In my book/manual – “Use Your Brain To Elongate Your Cell-By-Date” you can read testimonials of terminally ill people, sports people, entertainers, and read how they rediscovered themselves and experienced healing and age reversing  responses to my book of visualizations/affirmations, and contemplation.



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