Try visualization to help you write songs  

Ever been stuck, wondering where to start in order to write that new song you want? Has writer’s block been a symptom of yours for a while? Perhaps you write songs/stories, but feel they just don’t have the edge that is going to enable you to give up your day job?

It is easy to get bogged down with the idea that if you keep slogging away you’ll eventually come up with a worldwide hit record, or a best-selling novel.

Have you tried going away from your particular art form and traveling on an inner journey?  Conscious visualization needs to cultivate like farm lands, and if you are up for it, to put in the effort, the results have a high value in the creativity market. A great visualization will give your creative mind the illusion of just coming back off holiday. So why not get away! Forget all about the writing.


Try this… having sat down and allowed yourself to create a relaxed state of mind and body (usually produced through smooth deep breathing) close your eyes.  Picture yourself walking down a path that leads to a meadow… you amble over the meadow and come to a sparkling waterfall, cascading onto a bubbling turquoise healing pool.  You feel safe. This is your private place.  Immerse your body in the healing waters and relax, leave all your worldly trials and tribulations behind you. Enjoy the healing pool for a few minutes. When you are ready, leave the pool, and retrace your steps over the meadow, and back along the path. Before you return to the physical plane tell yourself you are at liberty to return to your safe haven whenever the need takes you. Open your eyes and gently stretch.

With regular sessions of visualization your creativity mind will open up like lotus petals to sun-rays on a new day.







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