Read a true life story from my book – 

Use Your Brain To Elongate Your Cell-By-Date’

In cancer wards one becomes acquainted with beautiful people who are on their way to the next world. You may walk into their room one afternoon or evening and find that the person with whom you have grown to know and like has gone. You inquire and the icy answer is too familiar – ‘I’m sorry she’s down in the morgue; are you a relative?’   Evelyn did just that to me. Kathryn, my late wife and I were at the Charing Cross hospital in London where she was on an experimental course which involved ‘magic bullet’ treatment – I won’t go into it here. However, Kathryn was in total isolation because of her white cell deficiency; I entered her room only if I wore all the safety uniform provided. Kathryn slept most of the time so I wandered incessantly when my eyes refused to read any longer.   Evelyn was in the main ward and further down the line with her ‘magic bullet’ treatment; I could talk to her without wearing a safety uniform. We got talking, she told me her story and I told her ours. She liked the ‘Use Your Brain’ idea better than the ‘magic bullet’ treatment so I got her started. Every day Evelyn wore her wig in perfect place and her makeup looked good enough for drinking tea at the Ritz. I talked and she listened. She madly wanted to go back to age 6 when she lived with her Nan for most of the time because her mother was ill.   ‘No disrespect to my mother, but I loved my Nan and all her cats.’

Evelyn’s partner was an upright proud-looking gentleman and I’ll never forget the early morning I went for a walk and found him in the corridor weeping; Evelyn had passed away in her sleep peacefully. I paid my respects and headed back to check on Kathryn. Two weeks later Kathryn was up and in the main ward out of isolation. I was sleeping back home and travelling daily to the hospital. One afternoon Kathryn casually craned her neck from the TV and said,   ‘Oh by the way Evelyn’s husband dropped by this morning and gave me this letter for you.’resized

I ran into Kathryn’s isolation room and sat down to read. The letter wasn’t directly to me, and it wasn’t a letter; my original thought was why give me a shopping-list. Then I began to read:   ‘Woke up this morning and could smell my Nan and her cats; it’s lovely. I long to go into a garden and smell all the flowers, I loved flowers as a child. I like thinking that I’m 6. I don’t even feel ill when I’m thinking I’m 6! My skin has changed, I know my skin after 61 years and it’s looking refreshed. Edmond commented on my skin today with not a slight inkling or a light prod from myself – now that’s a coincidence! Today I wanted to eat, I mean wanted to eat for the first time in months – it was wonderful- I had scrambled eggs on toast, and then more toast covered in marmalade! I loved scrambled eggs as a child, and it was my Nan who introduced to me to that kind of egg cooking.

‘The Inner Master whom Robert spoke of abiding in each one of us, a part of God, I’m sure came to the surface of my mind this morning. A voice inside me said all is well and forever in my arms you shall be. I no longer hold the dreaded fear of dying; somehow I now know that he is waiting for me to guide me on my continuing journey.’

I don’t know what Edmond did when he read her notes, but I wept in the toilets for ten minutes. Then later I rejoiced and knew Evelyn would be part of this book, and that she would inspire others, even in their eleventh hour to draw great comfort and knowledge from childlike mentality.

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