school classroom

Generally, most western children attend school every weekday for ten years or more apart from holidays and sick-days. Wouldn’t it be great if you could re-enact your old school days and get back that missing part of you? Well… you can! And the results are nothing short of staggering! Come on then, let’s go; let’s prove to ourselves just how staggering ‘A Typical School Day’ visualization really is.

Choose a school year that you can easily remember. You might remember at the age of 11 changing from junior to senior school. Or maybe you remember infant days at school better. For whatever reasons, the chosen school year should have as many memories as possible. You may have had an unhappy year but remember it well, but as long as the memories are not too painful it’s better to use the year with more recall.

Here goes… you are in your Ashram (hideaway), sitting comfortably in one of the preferred yoga postures. Slow down the rush of the day with calm cycles of Pranayama and follow the visualization.


Wakey wakey, rise and shine… you are 7 years old (or whatever age you’ve selected). It’s the first light. Your eyes open and you’re raring to go. If it’s raining you’ll take great delight in splashing through puddles and feeling the fresh rainwater on your face. If the rooftops and streets below are snow-covered there might be snowball-fights and ice-skating on the way to school. If it’s sunny, then it will be a no-school-blazer day and play times will be outside. Stop daydreaming! Get out of bed! For a few moments look around your bedroom and see if you can spot any of your old toys, books, models, posters, etc. (spend a couple of minutes inwardly viewing).

After spotting a few old favourite belongings, leave the bedroom and head for the bathroom. Shower, or wash, dry yourself, brush your teeth, do your hair and head for the breakfast room. As you enter the breakfast room remember that everything looks bigger. You stand only just higher than the dining table while sitting on a chair your legs might not even reach the ground! Take note of all the family members, if any, who join you for breakfast, and all the food and items on the table. You may re-smell the aromas of the eating room. Remember that Grandparents, parents, siblings and pets all had their individual smell. Re-experience the taste and smell of your favourite food; cereal, toast, a fry-up, boiled eggs, tea, orange juice or whatever (spend 2 minutes enjoying breakfast).

After breakfast leave for school. Dress according to the weather. Duffel coat, balaclava, mittens, blazer, cap, and last but not least your school bag. Give a big kiss and hug to mum or dad if they’re around and set off for school. Travel by train, bus, car, bicycle, or however you used to get there. When you get to school take note of the building’s exterior. Play with your friends in the playground till the whistle blows for assembly. Once in school, check your timetable and attend each lesson for the day. Note the architecture of the building and the interior of the classrooms. Sit at a desk and write in an old textbook… You might write: ‘I am 9 years old, happy, and healthy.’ (Spend 1-2 minutes in each lesson). Carefully travel through the school day including lunch break and playtimes till the last lesson comes and goes and you hear the bell ring for home-time.

When you leave the school building look for your chaperone, or travelling home friends (spend 2 minutes on your home journey). When you return home, greet your mum, dad, siblings, and do all the things that you used to do when you returned home from school. Observe dinnertime in the same way that you observed breakfast time. Finally, at bedtime climb up the wooden hill and get into bed. Take a last look around your bedroom and turn out the light… goodnight! (Remain for a minute or two in the darkness).

When ready, tell yourself you’re returning to the physical world. Open your eyes and gently stretch.

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step towards rejuvenation. Don’t be





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