Songwriting Tips


I received a phone call from a neighbour; he said he had put my name forward to write a song for two well-known footballers.  They wanted to record a credible pop song. They visited me at my house and listened to some songs. They both liked the same song, ‘Diamond lights’. I had a demo of the song on my 8-track tape machine, so I was in a position to try out their voices. I recorded Glenn Hoddle (spurs player) singing the lead vocal. Glenn surprised me because he has a high tuneful singing voice. The song was written for one singer, so I wrote a melody part for Chris Waddle (spurs player) to sing on the chorus. Chris had a low voice which worked well underneath Glenn’s high voice.  We all agreed, the boys voices sounded great. We went into a studio and recorded the song. ‘Diamonds lights’ gave  Glenn & Chris a Top Twenty UK hit.

Asked to write a new song for the England Internationals, I wouldn’t have known where to begin. ‘Diamond Lights’ was not an obvious choice because it was a moody song with abstract lyrics, but I think the boys wanted a song that sounded nothing like a football song. However, by creating a sub melody and speeding up the track with a rock feel, we moulded the song to suit the pop duo: Glenn & Chris.

The next time you need a song for an act, go through your catalogue, you never know, you might find a song you can rework.

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