Help to protect yourself from coronavirus 

The imaginary bubble


We have a vibrating magnetic field of energy surrounding the physical body. Ancient yogis put this force field to good use. When a yogi found himself in a negative company, he visualized himself standing in an impenetrable white bubble; an invisible barrier that deflects dark energy. The ethereal bubble can be put to good use in countless ways.

In this exercise, taken from ‘Use you brain, we can use our natural defense mechanism to ward off the coronavirus.

Retire to your ashram, your private place which can be either indoors or outdoors.  Check that you have enough room to stretch your arms in all directions. Stand up straight. Part your legs comfortably, lift your shoulders up, gently pull them back, and relax; the new alignment pleasantly lifts the rib-cage and liberates the lungs. Enjoy the pleasant release of pressure from the rib-cage area for a few moments, breathing gently like a baby. When you are ready to begin this exercise raise your arms high above your head while placing the palms of your hands together so that you are making a long triangle. Imagine that you are now going to draw a huge circle around you with your index fingers acting as magic markers and that this will be a bubble that protects against all germs. While still holding the triangle shape with your raised arms, point your index fingers at the ready; without bending the arms lower them until the palms meet in the middle area of your body. Imagine that the magic markers continue all the way to the floor so that you’re standing in a bubble. Remain standing for a few moments in your large white bubble.

Try this exercise at home until you can feel as though you are standing in the bubble. When you next go out shopping or visiting, before you leave home create the impenetrable bubble which can protect you from germs. Strongly visualize the bubble and you will put your natural force field on red alert. Work with the bubble routine as often as you can. Soon you will be able to form the impenetrable with just a thought.

The ancient yogis used reflexology, acupuncture, herbal remedies, mind over matter, deep breathing exercises, hatha yoga, and meditation centuries before it came to the west. Learn to deploy the impenetrable bubble to help to save yourself from coronavirus.

Read more ways to help to protect yourself in ‘Use you brain’

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