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We may not be children, and life as an adult certainly doesn’t amount to simplicity. However, we can take a leaf out of the child’s book and find ways to energize the brain and body in a similar way to how we did when we were young. What did you enjoy doing as a child? Let’s say you delighted in bike riding? If you don’t have a bike, see if you can borrow a bike from someone, or buy a second-hand one, and go out bike riding; you will feel the same exhilaration you felt when bike riding as a child.  Why not try it for yourself and see how uplifting it can be? Forget all your troubles for a while! Be like a child again.


Most of the things we do from day to day we have performed a thousand times before, such as, shaving, taking a shower, getting dressed and tying up our shoelaces; eating breakfast, driving to work, so on and so on. Not any of these routinely performed daily tasks are exactly stimulating. That’s why the brain coordinates the instructions for you to perform these task at almost an imperceptible level of consciousness.  It is a completely different ball game when you suddenly make the decision to go bike riding after decades have flown by since you last sat your bum on the saddle of a bike.  Now your brain has to go to its archives and find those ancient instructions that you painstakingly programmed as a child. So it may take a few minutes for your body to follow the old instructions, but after a wobbly start, you’ll soon be riding your bike down the road. Because you haven’t ridden a bike for so long, it will feel like a new operation.  The brain thrives on novel stimuli, and in turn, you will feel a sense of sheer joyfulness. Or put another way, you will experience pure childlike fun.


When you arrive home, hopefully without grazes to your knees and elbows, write about how it made you feel to be back on a bike again. Make a note of anything that caught your attention on your journey. Jot down anything that you might read at a later date that will give you the buzz to go out bike riding again.


You might think, but I am not well, I can’t go out bike riding or do many of the outdoor activities I enjoyed as a child.  Fear not, you will not be excluded from the game. If you practise visualizing yourself in action, enjoying your particular favourite activity as a child, your brain and body will respond in almost the exact way to actually performing the activity.

Sit quietly or lay down in your bed, gently close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing – take some deep breaths and slowly exhale while concentrating on making sure the operation is performed as smoothly as possible. When you feel you are ready to go out to play, try to get an image in your mind of how you looked as a child. Then conjure up an image of the activity you want to perform, say bike riding, swimming, or tree climbing. Now try to see yourself performing the activity, Try to feel yourself in action. If at first you find it difficult to see inner images, don’t become too concerned, with regular practise inner sights will come to mind.

If you find this interesting, there are many more exercises of this nature in my book  ‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date’

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