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Hobgoblins, dragons and suchlike, although frightening, fed our virile child imaginations. In later life we come to have no fear of the unknown. Adults recognise everything as either true or false; there are no hobgoblins in the cupboard. The innocent world of mythology was a dark world of surprise and absurdity in childhood; adults have no creepy absurdities, they always think they know what’s coming next. Reintroduce outrageous concepts and feed them one by one to your imagination. For instance, what would say is the greatest achievement of your life? Think carefully and then write about it. Let me tell you my greatest achievement:


Once upon a time I was a sup-microscopic microbe (a sperm), swimming against billions of sperms. I swam in what was undoubtedly the world’s largest shoal! One single microbe beats all the other microbes in the shoal to get first to the ovum (the female unfertilised egg cell) and then fertilise it. Why did I win the greatest fight of my life? Was I the one spirit waiting to be reincarnated? I often deliberate and thank my lucky stars that I won the greatest fight of my life. 


To achieve the unknown I begin with a familiar visualization: I’m walking over sand dunes at dawn; a heavy electrical storm crackles over the angry surf. Needles of rain make fast puddles of my footprints as I cross soggy sand dudes. Looking out from the cliff tops the dark beach is visible lurking in the shadows running up the shoreline. I want to stand before the crashing grey waves on the beach below. So I leap off the cliff edge and float majestically down towards the beach. It takes me ten times longer to reach the beach than it would a falling pebble. I remove my boots and wade into the rough outer limits of the sea. Suddenly from out of the depths something emerges. In a following flash of lightning standing before me is a gigantic reptilian! Leaving a vortex of water, it stands up on two legs in all its glory a hundred feet in the air. The creature’s head disappears roaming amidst the dark low clouds. The parting sea swishes around its ankles and tail. A sudden thump from my heart animates my legs. I run through shallow salt water with lead-weighted legs. I turn, and in the dim illumination stare into two orange pumpkins; they are the monster’s eyes! Magically I float upwards past the cliff face towards the storm clouds; up, and up and away till the coastal region looks like a map below me. Soon I’m up in space. It is dark and mysterious; yet I don’t feel alone. I’m correct, for in the distance there is a meditating Indian Yogi. I float towards his area and join him in meditation. Other Yogis in space meditate and send their healing energies down to the world. I remain for fifteen minutes before I journey back.

15 minutes later…

Now the surfs are calm and a soft breeze blows. I float down with the seagulls to the beach and lie under the hot sun. Tranquillity surrounds me. I enjoy the beautiful peacefulness. Create your own story by simply digressing from one of your regular visualisations. Search for unknowns in your life, e.g., get up one working morning and drive to the coast – who knows what will happen?

If you found this interesting there are many more mind exercise in my book:

‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date’


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