Tackling the new-wave of Mental Issues

We have a new wave of mental patients, and there is a second, third, and a forth wave to come. So how will health carers tackle the post viral pandemic dilemma? The experts inform us (UK) we have an epidemic of young people suffering with psychological problems. Ironically the advice comes from the very device that is tearing the public’s brain to shreds- media overdose!

The UK, especially in the south, has rising figures of stabbings and knife attack related deaths spreading terror on our streets; speak to youngsters living in these high-risk London boroughs and you’ll find most of them are tooled-up – carrying a weapon. Repeating news bulletins showing graphic images of violence besiege the TV channels and social media networks 24 hours a day. We used to enjoy family soap operas with plots about every day life with likable characters and some humour, but now they are dark and negative programs with plots that highlight knife stabbings, shootings, bullying, kidnapping, and racism. These soap operas illuminate, almost promote, the dark-side of what goes on in our society. And when you have watched your soap opera that has just tackled a fire-breathing beasts of a subject like domestic abuse, leaving you tingling with negative energy, they put a charity/ society you can get in touch with if you are experiencing difficulties in those areas. Decades back, before internet and social networking, youngsters were shielded from such atrocities that nowadays smack them in the face from the moment they hop out of bed.    

2020 has delivered us the coronavirus pandemic, flooding out shores with media dominance that has taken over our very existence. Life will not return to the way of 2019. Many of us have lost family members to this invisible reptile that crushes the very breath out of stricken virus victims. Yes, the life we knew, for infant children and grandparents, is a distant memory. When mankind steps out of the aftermath of the pandemic and tries to pick up the pieces of his life he will appreciate the outdoors, nature and her plants, blue skies and the planets with their accompanying star lights. He will cuddle his young more often and a little bit tighter. Many people will not be able to mentally recover from this global catastrophe and they will need professional help – bearing in mind the very people qualified to treat these mental issues are only human themselves.

Perhaps the answer is that you and I are the best people to treat our mental issues. No one else can see our memories feel our pain and understand how we arrived at the crossroads we now stand at.

The tips I give below are not end-of-all-your-trouble tips but there are some ideas to help to stop you falling deeper and deeper into depressive states.  

1) Watch only one news program a day.

2) Newspapers  report the same news as TV channels. Why not read a great novel instead of the newspaper. You can catch up on all the news in a weekend newspaper/magazine.

3) Soap opera plots are totally unrealistic and needlessly negative – you would do yourself a favour by switching them off!

4) Why not learn to meditate. Find a private hideaway at home or at work, gently close you eyes and allow your breathing to slow down. Now watch your thoughts as they come and go and try to remain aloof and dispassionate. If you are not used to meditating it will take you a while to get into it, but it will be well worth your effort.

5) Go for a walk with nature. Pick flowers and berries; smell their gorgeous aromas and inspect them. As you walk in the fresh air with nature tell yourself that nature can heal you. You and I are a part of nature. Life and all the animals and plant life are the one vibrating cell of energy.  

6) Turn off the mobile phone and play with your children. If you don’t have children go outside for the day and take a picnic basket and enjoy the outside world with your spouse or friends.

I have written a book which is full of fun and creative mind exercise that can recreate the way you viewed the world as a child and in turn you will look and feel younger in very little time. You will read true-life accounts of people who through working with the mind exercises have enjoyed remarkable healing, rejuvenation and spiritual experiences.

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