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Crazy Visualisation

   With childlike wonder, you are entering a magical journey through the rainbow of life. You begin your journey strolling over the sand dunes beside the sea. The scent of seaweed rides upon the gentle breeze. From the far horizon you see a rainbow arching across the sky, this brings mermaids out to play. Watch them splashing and diving like friendly dolphins…

   Colourful raindrops begin to fall: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and brilliant-white. The red and orange raindrops fill you with power and energy. The yellow raindrops light up your curiosity and wonder. The green raindrops bring you into harmony with Nature. The blue and violet raindrops heal and fill your soul with joy and the brilliant-white raindrops free your spirit…

   In this timeless world All is ‘ONE’ in the playground of eternity where anything is possible.  You feel playful and adventurous.  Spend a few moments embracing this colourful freedom…. 

   The colours of your spirit emanate across the universe attracting angels caught in the flare of your rainbow beams. The angel reflecting the colour of your needs will come to you, and you will immediately feel safe and protected.  Ask your angel to help you on your life’s path and to give you guidance to help achieve your mission on earth. Spend some time with your angel…

   Now thank the angels for their assistance and know that they are always there when you need them. Make your way back through the rainbow of life energies.

As you do, become more aware of your physical form. You stand in your renewed body, by the sea once again. The beautiful rainbow begins to fade into the far distance as the mermaids swim out to sea and disappear beneath the twinkling surf. All around is tranquil and peaceful… 

   It is time to return to wakeful consciousness.  Take a deep breath, and become aware of your physical body once again. In your own time open your eyes and gently stretch.    

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