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A Day Trip Visualization


We are going into the magical world of visualization… allow your imagination to recreate the past.  

   Imagine waking up in your bedroom (one you slept in as a child), full of excitement; today is the day you are going on a trip to the seaside.  You smile and hop out of bed ready for the adventure. You hear the noise of everyone bustling about. You quickly get washed and dressed and go for breakfast. The chatter is all about the things you’ll need for the day. Your plastic bucket and spade, multi-coloured beach ball, your swimming costume and towel and anything else you need. You eat breakfast and gather your things together…  It is time to go.  

   Your journey begins with a ride on a steam locomotive, which chugs along the sunny countryside and through long dark tunnels and you hear the whistle blow at the stations… the smell of the engine and the steam is strong in your carriage. You are first to spot the sea. You are there! You can feel the sea breeze and smell the salty seaweed as the train hisses to a halt and all the carriage doors fly open and everyone gathers up their bags and hurries off the train… You arrive at the beach. It is ice cream weather!  Deckchairs are put up and towels are laid out on the warm sand… You hear summer songs playing on a transistor radio. A grown up rubs sun cream onto your face and body. The tide is out and you watch baby crabs playing in rock pools, collect pretty seashells and pebbles, and later, with your bucket and spade, you build sandcastles.  It is lunch time and the picnic begins… it’s full of goodies…there are jam sandwiches, and ham sandwiches and there are biscuits and crisps and a flask of tea and a bottle of pop. As you enjoy this feast squealing seagulls and distant waves makes you eager for more fun on the beach. You rush to join the other seated children as the punch & Judy show is about to start.  As the show goes on, the children shout out ‘he’s behind you’ and punch replies, ‘oh no he’s not’, ‘oh yes he is’… when the curtains close you go to the ice cream shop and buy a juicy lolly…  

   The tide is now coming in, and you run and splash through the gentle waves as you chase the beach ball. The sun is setting by the time you come back to your deckchairs and towels, everyone is packing up to leave the beach. You go to the noisy arcade and play on the machines, you like the Penny Falls and the One Arm Bandit where you win silver sixpences. On your way out you can’t help laughing with the Laughing Policemen. The bright lights now draw you to the fun of the fair. You have a ride on the Big Wheel, and you slide on a coconut mat down the Helter-Skelter.  

   You all meet up outside the Ghost Train and decide on fish and chips for dinner. Heading along the promenade the air is full of the smells of salt and vinegar and fish and chips frying. You sit on the sea wall eating your fish and chips with a buttered roll and a pickled onion out of the newspaper wrapping. It is time to go home and you head for the train station. Because you are tired, the rhythm of the train soon sends you to sleep. Back home, tucked in bed you drift off remembering the adventures of the day.  

  And now it is time to return to full waking consciousness… take a deep breath and become aware of your physical body once again… in your own time open your eyes and gently stretch.   

   Remember how you felt before, during, and after the ‘Day Trip’.  Acknowledging the feel of an inner zing capsule invasion (read in my boo will encourage you to want to go on other mind trips. 

One thought on “A Day Trip Visualization

  1. I have been affirming my child age ‘12’ and enjoying many responses to my mind exercises out of the book ‘Use your Brain’. I have particularly been working with ‘Inner Pharmacy’. The other day, I was given medical evidence of this programme working. I have osteoporosis and arthritis in my knee, and I had a scan (MRI) of my knee three years ago. Last week I had another scan taken of my knee. My doctor explained that she was very surprised to see no further deterioration in my arthritic knee and that this is very unusual. She appeared somewhat puzzled. I wasn’t shocked. I had been visiting my Inner Pharmacy for months and receiving self-healing on my knee. You must try this programme –it’s amazing!


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