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Orange Snow Visualization


   To make the most of visualization we need to open our mind and allow our imagination to wander through the garden of possibility. Do not differentiate between logic and illogic. In visualization, we by-pass the nuts and bolts of the mechanical brain, which allows us to enter that vast space of untapped intelligence. We will suspend time that creates the whole concept of ageing and rediscover the childlike quality that keeps us young. We are entering the magical world of visualization where all things are possible.

   You wake up in the bedroom you slept in as a child. It is a school morning. Sit up in bed and stretch. Can you spot any of your toys, books, or dolls? Perhaps the wallpaper pattern, wall posters, or your bedspread is recognisable.  Get out of bed…  Put on your dressing gown and slippers. Walk over to the window and draw back the curtains. Rub a porthole in the condensation on the windowpane and peep through it to see outside…  You gasp in wonder at the sight of large fluffy snowflakes… and the snowflakes are orange! The rooftops with and smoking chimneys, gardens, coalbunkers and doorsteps lie hidden under twinkling, orange snow. You are extremely excited by this incredible orange wintry landscape. Wash and get dressed in your school uniform. Go to the breakfast room. Think back to this age and how the world around you looked huge. What did you enjoy to eat and drink for breakfast? Perhaps Scott’s porridge oats or hot milk with a sprinkling of sugar on crunchy cornflakes and a cup of tea… Spend a few moments reliving breakfast time as a child…  

   It is time to go to school. Dress in your winter coat, scarf, mittens, balaclava or bobble hat, and pull on your boots… don’t forget your school bag! Say goodbye to everyone and open the front door…a gust of wind blows fluffy orange snowflakes into the hall. Leave the house. Hear your wellington boot’s crunching sounds as they make footprints in the freshly fallen snow; the citrus smell of oranges is everywhere.  On your way to school, recognise orange snowy shapes of abandoned cars, pillar boxes, pavements, and at the school gates, view the school building as a massive orange ice sculpture. The sound of schoolchildren’s laughter fills the air as they build snowmen and throw orange snowballs through the air. The playground is a colourful mêlée of mittens, hats and scarves as the girls and boys play.  Enjoy the fantastic sights.  

   The school whistle blows. You march in single file into the school Assembly hall. Colourful chunks of ice slide from children’s footwear onto the hall floor. The smell of orange mingles with the aroma of lavender floor polish. As you go through the school day, attending lessons, school dinner and playtimes, observe teachers and fellow pupils’ faces. Recognise the blackboard, chalk, wooden desks, and messy inkwells.  

  On your journey home enjoy splashing through orange slush. The inky-blue sky glitters with stars, orange snowflakes melt as they land on your dark coat.   You arrive home to a warm coal fire. Complete your homework and then play or watch television. The smell of dinner cooking on the stove teases your appetite. Maybe there is homemade soup, a stew, or bangers and mash…at bedtime, undress and put on your pyjamas or nightie. Take a last look out of the window at the orange winter wonderland… close the curtains. Perhaps your mum or dad, or a guardian told you bedtime stories and tucked you up in bed with a hot water bottle? Drift off to sleep.

   It is time to return to full waking consciousness. Take a deep breath and become aware of your physical body. When you feel ready open your eyes and gently stretch.  


   This sounds bizarre, but I took items out of my freezer and held them to recreate iciness’s physical sensations on my face, hands, and feet.     

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