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Inner Master Routine – The Crane

Inner Master Guided Routines

Inner master Guided Routines are spontaneous movements that you can allow to come through your mind and body via you inner guide / higher self, or, as I describe in my book, ‘The Inner Master’. For most of the time, we move in mechanical ways, and only occasionally divert from our set patterns, i.e., you have your hands full of kiddies’ toys, so you improvise and kick a kid’s ball to the other side of the room where all the toys are kept. In a way, Guided Routines are similar to improvising, only we are asking our higher self to guide the improvised movements. These movement spontaneously flow through the spirit, mind and body.

   Try this little exercise: move your arm up and down, left and right, while you keep the limb totally relaxed. Don’t tell the arm what to do. Just let it move and explore the air. This is what I call spontaneous movements. Practise this exercise, and routines will come through. Watch and go with the routines, do not force the issue. If you find you have what you feel is a significant spontaneous routine, however big or small, write the movements down. Write about how you felt during and after the routine. Practise the routine as often as time will allow. Practise ‘The Crane’ to give you the feel of new spontaneous movements. The routines should be practised in almost slow motion style.

I stand to attention (feeling calm and relaxed) and ask my Inner Master to guide my body. I am so thankful for being so fortunate enough to have had some wonderful guided routines come through to me using this method. I inhale and move my arms and wait for my Inner Master’s energy to flow through me. On this occasion, I asked, ‘Dear Inner Master, please guide my mind and body.’ I received this amazing routine.

   Stand upright with arms at the sides, and breathe freely. Imagine your arms are the powerful wings of a Crane. Outstretch your wings to shoulder height. Prepare to mimic a Crane’s huge wings in flight motion. Smoothly lift your outstretched arms (wings) as high as they will go and then lower them to the knees. Repeat this operation. Smoothly inhale on up strokes and exhale on down strokes. Your downy wings are longer than your arms therefore you can give a few extra inches to the rise and fall of your wing strokes. While in the standing position take a couple of minutes to get the feel of your wing motions. 

   Now you are going to take off; once airborne, try to feel the sensation of flying. Fly high into the sunset, soaring over evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains. The air is fresh against your cheeks. If you feel your arms (wings) aching, keep them outstretched, without upward and downwards strokes, and ride the thermals. (Enjoy the amazing sensation of gliding for a couple of minutes.)

   When you are ready, make your descent and swoop in to land in shallow water; join other cranes as they peck for fish and worms. Practise standing on one leg while flapping your wings in the classic crane posture.  Finally, peck your upper plumage clean. Imagine your chin is a long beak and pecking across the clavicles and the top and back of the shoulder blades. Be sure not to overstretch your neck.

   The first time I experienced ‘The crane routine’, I felt astronomically light… so light that I fancied I could physically fly!  The ‘crane routine’ develops powerful lungs. You can perform this exercise while standing or sitting down.   

The crane Alternative 1 (Absent healing)

   Absent healing is the art of sending healing to a patient in a far-off place. Patients have felt relief from severe pain and anxiety at the time a healer (perhaps on the other side of the world) sent healing energies. If you would like to send healing energies to a relative, or friend, then the ‘The Crane’ is an ideal carrier for healing energies. Try to visualise flying across land and sea to the place where the patient lies, enter the patient’s sickroom, and inhale on up strokes and exhale on down strokes of the wings, sending healing to the recipient.

The crane (Tip)

   Picture an angel’s soft downy wings to help you visualize the downy feathers of your long wide wings. See your long red beak and puffed out chest and pure white downy plumage. Observe your small black eyes and try viewing through them. To get the sensation of flying your might recall how you felt on a plane during take-off. Using fine detail in this way really brings the images you want to life.

If you would like to try some more exercises similar to ‘The Crane’ you might like to take a look at my book which is available on Amazon.

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