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How often have you thought along these lines? I don’t have time to amble through dense forest, or climb mountains to look out far and wide from their snowy-tipped peaks, let alone saunter along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream and stargaze at the bejewelled twinkling night sky. To be quite frank,  I barely have the time in the morning to finish my coffee before I rush off to get to work on time.

In this day and age we are in a constant rush, and it is true to say, we don’t have much time to go exploring nature. Many of us are committed to a job that requires our presence for five to six days of the week. And when most people do have a holiday they can’t exactly say, okay guys, we are going trekking up the mountain path of Kilimanjaro.  The children want to play on the beach and swim in the sea and go on the fairground rides. So a fair question is: how on earth are we expected to find the time to go out and appreciation all of God’s splendour? 

 The answer is visualisation.

Nobody is professing,  visualising yourself walking beside the flowing river with the sun on your back, birds singing, and fresh air pouring into your lungs is equal to the physically experience of an early morning stroll beside the river. But what I am stating, is you can cultivate the art of strongly visualising yourself on the nature walk; it is the next best thing.   God gave us the wonderful gift of an imagination. From the confines of your office you can strongly visualise ‘you’  on the beach with rolling white surfs, sunshine,  gull flying overhead, and  receive the physical pluses you’d experience attending the beach in person. Your parasympathetic nervous and sympathetic nervous system responds to conscious or unconscious thoughts in equal measure. Conscious visualisation is the most underrated human faculty; every invention from the comb to the microchip originated in the imagination of an inventor/forward thinker. However busy your life might seem, I can assure you that if you can find the time to use your gift of imagination/visualisation you will improve your mental/physical health, and reverse the ageing process.

Take a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe smoothly and evenly.  When you feel relaxed, imagine a dense fir forest, a snow-tipped mountain, or image sauntering along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream. If you find when you look behind closed eyes you see everything but your desired subject, fear not, I can give you some tips that may help with your endeavour.

(1) We unconsciously visualise everything we do before we do it, but we are not used to consciously visualising. Conscious visualisation requires a lot of practise to master.  So don’t except to see TV-like images before your closed eyes from the word go. Practise diligently. I guarantee you; it will be well worth the effort.

(2) Find pictures of your chosen subject on line or in a book, and study the pictures to that you can retrieve them behind closed eyes.

(3) Some people find listening to gentle music while they visualise helps with their concentration. Try it and see if this method suit you. 

health · mental health · spirituality · visualization · well-being

Guided imagery: The Golden Waterfall

   By regularly taking 20 minutes out to entrust some time in Guided Imagery you will light up your brain with such an intense power that it can’t help but make a massive comet-like impact on your mental / physical health. The power of visualization can never be overestimated. Willpower can be knocked clean out with one cold slam of a punch by images strongly visualized. You are a King, Master of your own World/Universe when you can imagine what you want in life. Practise seeing imagery in your head every minute of the day in order to become the ruler of your Golden Domain. You could have it all – it lies there latent, like ripe oranges ready for the pickings, but many off us leave the fruits of life to wither and drop from the tree and then our chances of greatness has fallen by the wayside. Do as I say, and add a new dimension to your life – don’t accept the dull mundane reality we think we have to live – there so much more!   

The Golden Waterfall

   I walk down a shadowy path lined with tall pines trees. The strong scent of pine and high-pitched bird calls fill the air. Early morning mist seeps through thick tree foliage, bestowing light and shade to the woody path. The silence, apart from natural sounds, is peaceful. I feel safe and content in a world of my own where no one can disturb me. I come to an iron gate, open it, walk through it, and shut it behind me. I stand before a glorious wheat field with feathery stalks of corn dancing in a light breeze. I stroll through the yellow field, spotting field mice, buzzing bees, yellow wags, and butterflies; the chalky moon nestles in a deep-blue sky. Hazy sunbeams lightly warm my shoulders. A lush green meadow, mottled with scarlet poppies, glossy buttercups, innocent gold-buttoned daisies, and lucky clover, tantalizingly lies beyond the wheat field.

I remove my sandals and walk with my soles pressed upon the dew-soaked turf. Wet blades of grass tickle my feet. A surge of outdoor energy bolts upwards from out of the ground, through my toes, and up, up, and up through the channels of my body to the white-purple auric crown; Earth’s subtle electrical currents invigorates my store of nerve endings, producing a swell of childlike vitality. I arrive at the hilltop, and with a great sigh, admire the perspective. I walk on…
   I arrive at a beautiful golden waterfall. Angels fly and bathe in a turquoise mind-scented pool, with a bubbly surface, at the foot of the falls. The sound of the cascading water is soothing; minty water sprays my face…

   The spirit-pulling lure of the magical pool leads me down some steps, carefully trodden to the poolside with the aid of angels delicately holding my hands. I becomes weightless as I immerse my body in the lightly heated perfumed water; angles bathe, dive, splash, and play. Soon my incredible journey will take another twist…

   Two celestial beings take hold of my hands and fly with me up to the crest of the transparent waterfall. My view of the pouring turquoise chute has me trapped in a mesmeric stupor for a few seconds. So magnificent! The open winged seraphs escort me, as we glide down the face of the golden curtain. On my descent, I see deceased loved ones, smiling at me from behind the veil of gold.  I am imbued with the knowledge that beyond this life cycle there lies another world of beauty and wonder. Where pain and suffering is non-existent. I cherish the thought of knowing I will see my loved ones again in a perfumed garden.

   On my return to the pool I am psychically made aware that by immersing my body in the gifted water, I shall receive healing on all levels: Spirit / Mind / Body. I allow by body to effortlessly float on the surface of the pool, and bask in the sunlight; I relax to such a degree I lose all sense of my body; I am, as it were, simply Spirit. I feel it is time for me to leave the parasitical site; I call to the angels to help me exit the pool via the steps I entered it. I thank the haloed beings for giving me the wonderful glimpse of the life that is beyond this life cycle, and say my goodbyes. I retrace my steps over the meadow, through the bloodshot wheat field and back up the pine scented path. I arrive at the place where I set out on my inner journey. I come to my wakeful senses. I tell myself I am going to return to the material plane.