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This year has proved what I have professed since I lost my dear wife in 1992: we can’t see what lurks around the corner.  Life can change at the drop of a hat. Nothing is permanent. It is wise to adopt that mentality. In India, so say the yogis, people expect disappointment and are not hurt like a western man when life goes wrong.

In meditation, we learn more goes on than an exterior world.  We detach from worldliness and reconnect the ‘I’ to the true self – spirit. Loneliness and restlessness occur in the outer realms. In the peaceful blissfulness of innerness, one finds permanent joy and peace.

In 2021 why not take-up meditation, the art of sitting quiet and becoming One with the self?  No drug can bring the euphoria experienced in meditation. The gentle yet powerful ancient art of travelling inward improves physical and mental health. If one yearns to discover the purpose of life, the answer lies within.  Obsession with the external world leads to confusion and disillusionment.

You can have a say in your future by taking control of your mind.

Happy New Year.      

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