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I shall not be fearful

What we see and hear now is most harrowing and almost impossible to eradicate from the mind. Fear is a thought created out of fearful images, ideas, woeful frets, and dark predictions. Morbid words on the blackboard of our life that flows behind the eyes remain to be seen when you wake and in the in-between time till you go to sleep. However terrible the outlook is, it is how you perceive it that will determine your ongoing mood. The moment you say – I shall change the words on the blackboard of my inner screen- so be it – change will come.

It is so difficult to turn off from a world crisis that takes so many of our good friends and family. But there will be survivors, like say, you and me.  What point is there to exist beyond this grizzly saga mentally unbalanced because of the effect the virus has had on your mentality? We must look beyond our short-sightedness. We have endlessness above, below, and to the right and left of us – infinite potential.  Now, more than ever before, we must expand our mind, spirit, our single spark of the universe and travel beyond that which sits before our eyes and ears.

We are all one piece of God’s jigsaw puzzle. Not one piece goes missing; otherwise, the cosmic jigsaw puzzle would be incomplete, imperfect, and there can be no incompleteness in God’s eyes. All our loved ones stay a part of life’s tapestry, interwoven. Our spirits come and go like droplets in an ocean.  Although waves wash us ashore, eventually we will return to the sea, we are all particles of the one water mass.


Sit quietly with closed eyes and allow for breathing to calm. Scroll your mind for what is worrying you. Observe your fears and scary ideas. Imagine you bring them before the teacher in the class. The teacher in your visualisation will instruct you to write new messages on your blackboard.

‘I shall not be fearful.’ ‘I will survive.’ ‘Through the power of my maker, I will overcome all the ideas, and concepts that make me feel down.

Repeat the positive statements over and over. When next you are going about your day and feel the fiery flames of fear heating up.  – stand firm – say no, I shall not be fearful. Meditate like this morning and night-time.   This is the way forward to free the spirit of darkness.

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