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Astral Plane

Our minds are swept away on the wave of materialism. We put our first thoughts of the day in what we can gain. We have no choice in this matter because we are conditioned to think and act with earthly minds. As children, we were less orientated to the physical world, we viewed it as fun, interesting, a place to explore. But we remained individual, not a part of the herd.

We tend to shun what is not readily achievable. Rising each day, working, gaining materials, and sleeping is our accepted way of life. When a man speaks out against existence, he is scorned and ridiculed. But our landscape is changing – the illusion of life is eroding rotting before our very eyes. However, it does not have to be all doom and gloom. I can leave my body and exist for a while with the snow-tipped mountains, under the velvety starlit sky.

How less real is this picture than the one of a plague spreading through our world. Loved ones are gone before their time.  People are left alone, confused, and feeling helpless. Fear is causing more pain. And still, people heed not to the warnings. They are out for their own gratitude. They will put others at risk without a care in the world for their fellow man. Would you have believed this could be, a year ago?

The so-called actual world we believe in is failing us before our disbelieving eyes. Yet what I have accepted and followed for decades is not touched one iota by the catastrophe. God’s light still shines in each one of us. We can always find protection in our maker. Life is impermanent. Death is no more than a big sleep. Our loved ones, passed on, have moved onto the astral planes or returned to complete learning in our sphere. Perhaps now it is time to give a second thought to why we are here. Your mind is the engine of your life. The moment you say, ‘I am not lonely, I am not sad, I am still with my lost ones in mind and spirit, you will feel the barnacles of misery leave your heart.

Put your mind in another role. Leave the earthly body by thinking, I am spirit, mind, beyond the illusion before my eyes. Thoughts set to the universe, God, can heal, protect, and create whatever you wish for. You must realise now how cruel and fragile life is. But you can release yourself from the terror. When you feel Heartache, say, ‘no that is the body speaking, I am spirit.’ The same with fear say, ‘no that is the body speaking, I am spirit.’ 

Instead of watching news programmes, films, etc., sit quietly and take your mind to higher realms. Ask your maker to help you to leave your worldly of trials and tribulations and exist spiritually. 

 Try this:

 sit quietly with closed eyes. When mind and body calm, imagine floating off to snow-tipped mountains. Try to see the dark-green fir trees, twinkling snow, and trickling mountain stream. Hear it gurgling, and at night listening out for the hooting owl. You are a spirit, so the body feels no cold, hunger, thirst, and no Fear. Exist under the starlight that sheds its silveriness across the blanket of an infinite universe. There you may connect loved one who has moved on.

   Practise this exercise every day, and you will be reunited with your loved ones.

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