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When we lose a loved one, we feel the helplessness and heart-wrenching tugs of grief. We are suddenly left alone. For years, the person at our side, a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, suddenly cease to exist. The void left in one’s life is too wide to stitch. We become a shadow of our former self. Continuing life unfurls as a morbid chore.  In recent months many people have lost loved ones in the cruellest of circumstances. Visitors were not permitted at bedsides or at gravesides. We live in fear of this lethal virus that wreaks havoc among us.

   But I say to you, a loved one is not extinguished like a fire. The bodyshell may cease to exist, but the spirit’s subtle vibration continues to glow in heavenly realms. The essence of your loved one living in the celestial sphere, or reincarnated in the physical world, retains the golden thread linked to passing relationships. Love vibrations can be sent to our loved lost one that they feel through light vibrations. They can be contacted at the place where their spirit light dwells. I do not speak of raising spirits, so one sees a loved one’s ghost, but I do say the subtle light vibrations are tangible. It is a beautiful feeling to send a vibration of love to a lost one. If love is sent often, pulses from a lost one can be received.

   One time in your early life, you were unaware of the existence of your loved one, but he/she shone in the same realm as you. Now he/she has gone, you might be unaware of their existence, but they still shine, only in a different place to you now. The golden thread is never severed. You can put your mind to the test if you think of your loved one in your memory. You can go back to a shared event and relive it. You see, they are still there, only in different forms. We can master ethereal connections to the loved lost one through meditation.

Try this:

Sit quietly with closed eyes. When you feel calm think about this. Turning the radio on can be noisy as you pass interference to arrive at a clear station. This is how it is communicating with the astral plane. Imagine a beam of light flashing through the sky and on this subtle vibration, send the message. ‘I am sending you my love.’ ‘I am still here with you.’ I’ will see you again, one day.’

When I communicated with my late wife, I saw my face and my wife’s cheek to cheek over the snow-tipped mountains in a velvety starlit sky. I felt the subtle vibration of unconditional love fusing. It filled my heart with joy, bringing me a connectedness for those moments. There is no doubt we can subtly, through the vibrations of eternal light, communicate with lost loved ones. Practise sending the subtle love-light to your lost loved one/s. You will gain deep pleasure and comfort.

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