Meditation (Visit a Love one)



I astral project to a starry night twinkling over snow-tipped mountains of the Himalayas. Besides the tall fir trees, deep snow, and a lonely howling wolf, I marvel at glittering star patterns, and the silvery crescent moon, while feeling at ONE with the universe. A golden glow rises due east as stars ping out one by one with the firmament lightening to the new day. I travelled down the mountainside with ever-decreasing layers of snow.  In a forest with flowers and animals, I collect sweet berries and fruits. At the wood’s farthest reach drink at a sparkling brook.

At night-time, stars come out to play, and snowflakes silently fall to earth.  I enter a log cabin. Soon I sit before a burning log fire, meditating in the quietness of the remote region. I realise Robert (me as a 7-year-old boy) is with me. He plays glass marbles and counts his tea cards. I sense Robert’s happiness to be looked after by his adult self and my delight at protecting him. Love flows between us like crystal water traversing away from the snow-capped peaks. It is most pleasurable and a satisfying occasion.

When ready, I return to my body and resume life, knowing I am not fettered by flesh and bones. That I am a free spirit capable of travelling anywhere in existence.

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