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Are we changed forever into a higher thinking species.

Nuclear fallout

What will the world be like after the pandemic? How will we feel? It will seem like coming out of our bunkers from a nuclear war and walking on the ashen white landscape that was once our world. We will fear each other just as we would radioactive fallout from the war. This imagery might be farfetched, but we don’t really know how we’ll react to the new world. Many shops have gone from the highstreets. Many businesses have gone bust. The world of sport and entertainment will never return to the way it was. The way hospitals and the government act in the future will, to a certain extent, reflect the 2020 pandemic. Certain technologies have catapulted fifteen years into the future, for instance, finding a vaccine and approving it within the space of a year. Many of us will live on without a family member or a friend who succumbed to the Covid-19.
I wonder if the global pandemic will leave Man appraising life in a different light. Will he be more accepting of the idea there is more to life than meets the eye. We have witnessed our world falling apart before our eyes and the sense of feeling defenceless. An invisible enemy with loaded weapons silently walks among us. The reality that we thought infallible, our life showing on the inner cinema screen, has crumbled to rumble at our feet. We have seen worldly life’s fragility and how the carpet can be pulled from under our feet at a moment’s notice. Will we see a change in our DNA advancing at hyper-speed our evolution, so we are changed forever into a higher thinking species.
The ancient yogis gave their time to mind/spirit study, knowing the worldly stage is made of flimsy material. They formulated techniques to still the mind and steer it away for the earthly panorama. How would the pandemic affect a meditating yogi in a Himalayan cave? His highly evolved mind would not entertain the lower regions of physical life. I am not suggesting we all run away and hide in a cave! But surely now, after this cataclysmic event, we shall see a shift in Man’s outlook. I believe we need to incorporate higher conscious thinking into our life.

What won’t change is our real self. Through whatever one goes, the mind/spirit of a person lives on. A person’s spirit endures the long sleep, death, and survives to enter new bodies to continue learning. This means we should pay more attention to the soul than the body. The spirit vehicle is subject to disease and the material world’s defects; it will age and wither and let the spirit go. When we live by our true self, then we are indestructible. We are immortal.
Try this:
Sit quietly with closed eyes. Wait for your body to feel calm. Breathe in and out deeply and feel yellow energy inflating your lungs. Look to the point between your brows and as you hold your gentle inward gaze, try to sense the body shell that encases you. Concentrating on the Third eye will help you lock into your spirit, and after a while, you should feel inwardly at peace with yourself. Hold the pose for ten minutes or more to gain the most significant benefit from spirit-centeredness.

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