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Rude Awakening

Stars are invisible to us during the day. But at night, against the black velvety blanket of the universe, we can view the twinkling consternations. When we are happy, content, and riding on the merry-go-round of life, there is no need to say – stop I want to get off! Why would we leave the party for no good reason?

The yogis believe whether a man was good or bad in his former life cycle, at some point, he will be awakened. This awakening will allow him to tread the golden path of righteousness or walk the dark grizzly path of evil. Either way, he will pick up from where he left off.  It is an all-familiar phrase when we say we do not miss something/someone until taken away from us. Losing a loved one behaves like the magical kiss from the Prince on Cinderella – it awakens us. Only we awaken to pain and misery. We suffer because we are inextricably attached to physicality. We have not looked beyond the limitations of the material plane. Therefore, when we lose a dear one, it hits like an atomic bomb. We fail to see the approach of missiles. Our radar screens were down.

This pandemic is a global invasion. We are used to individual tragedies but not an all-out attack. In our cosy lifetimes, most of us have not dealt with the devastation of mass destruction. Unlike personal tragedy that comes and goes, this tumultuous situation is in no hurry to shift. If we ever rid ourselves of this plague life in future will drastically have changed. So, like a confused child, we could ask – what is this all about? Why has our maker done this to us? There are good people and innocent children in the world. Why should they be punished along with the reprobates?

The yogi would say this could be viewed as a good thing because it turns one to spiritual thinking. Rude awakenings often change a life for the better.  No one says a pandemic is a welcomed guest into our home, but it has glaringly shown us the other end of the stick. 

Terrorists have no cause if their audiences are too busy fighting for their own life.  What of the billionaire? His wealth might as well trickle away in the mud-ridden gutter for all it is worth to him after death. When we pick up where we left off in this life cycle, we will remember one thing, like the proverbial cockroach who survives the holocaust the spirit of Man survives.  You and I have a glowing golden soul that holds us to eternal existence. We have seen how the physical person can be blown away in a nanosecond. Spiritual work travels with the subtle self to other life cycles. It is imperishable.  Through wars, plagues, and global destruction, the over-soul lives on.   

Try this:  

Sit quietly with eyes lightly closed. Breathe in and out. Put your attention to the brow centre and wait for your mind and body to settle. Soon tranquillity will flow throughout. Incrementally shrink to the size of an atom. Now you are at liberty to leave you physical encasement.  Imagine you are a ball of fiery yellow energy, spirit form.  Astral travel to a place in the past, present, or future.  In visualisation, the realm where you exist has no earthbound laws. Enjoy soul travel for ten to fifteen minutes. 

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