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Mind Paralysis

Mind Lantern

When we wake up in the morning, we have hopes and plans for the day. We have set things to do, and we have dreams about things to do. For instance, we might hope to marry our loved one, find the career we are looking for, become a champion of the sport we play, and so on. Without hopes and ideas, would it be worth the bother to get out of bed? You need a reason to get out of bed – don’t you?  

With our hopes dashed what reason do we have to live? Adults differ to children because we do need reasons to be happy. Our ambitions keep us going. We haven’t achieved all that we once hoped for, but where the possibility lies out there on the horizon, we stay sane. The pandemic has stripped us of our liberty and created a sense of helplessness. Hopelessness is like a jab with a paralysing agent. We feel disinclined to get out of bed because the animal in us wants to hibernate. When the mind lantern’s oil runs low, the body flame flickers and struggles to burn, which is the perfect setting for depression. Ongoing symptoms like the flicking flame of helplessness can lead to severe mental discomfort.

However, there is always a shining light inside that can never be extinguished. As your eyes settle on the stars, they touch your soul. We are universally connected. Every atom of the universe is part of the whole. Imagine if you could meditate every day, spiritually becoming aware of this cosmic energy flowing through you. Your hopes are revived by meditating every day, and in stillness, you can reunite with universal oneness. I assure you if you regularly connect to the higher power your worldly troubles will seem insignificant. The infinite soul power is permanent, whereas the earthly self must eventually shed its hard skin. Make yourself joyous every day, get up in the right spirit, and with a good head, you can break the barnacles of mental paralysis through constant meditation. 

Try this:  

Close your eyes and centre the attention at the brow centre area. Wait for breathing to slow down. Imagine you are sitting in a log cabin at the foot of snow-tipped mountains at night-time. You can feel the warmth of the large flames burning in your log fire. You enjoy being alone. You will sleep here tonight in your bed near the log fire. Look out of the window at the mass of stars blazing in the firmament. In spirit form, you zoom up into the cosmos. You float near the sun in a spirit form. Your atoms can mingle with the sun’s molecules. Next, you visit the moon. Our closest planet is cold, silent, and uneventful. You might see a closeup of Saturn or chase a shooting star. Enjoy being at One with the Universe. When you have finished astral travelling return to the log cabin. Finally, become aware of your physical self, sitting at the log fire and then in your private place for meditation. 

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