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Imagine if you could walk up to somebody, and say, here are all my troubles, in my rucksack.  Take them. Imagine the load taken off you! You think, well that is a lovely idea, but of course it is not possible. But wait, if I had predicted what you would have to go through in 2020, and in this new year, contend with a global virus that has turned your life upside down, would you have believed me? No. So let us open our minds.

There exists a Universal Intelligence. Is there one person in the world who hasn’t at some time in their life prayed or wished for help in some way? From whom are they seeking help? We sense there is something/someone with superhuman power. How many times have we read about a hardened criminal who was turned to God during his years of imprisonment? He looks at life in a new light because he has been taken out of his mundane life and surroundings and given plenty of time to think. When our worries pile up, we start to panic. Our mind becomes deranged with fear and disillusionment. We try to force ourselves to change how we are behaving, for instance, I won’t scream at the kids. I won’t take my anxiety out on my partner. This is admirable, but you are bursting at the seams. The things that are causing your troubles are not removed. The media still gives you Covid-19 death counts and images of people who have lost loved ones, crying nurses, and people receiving vaccination jabs. I say, like the convict, you can only address your worry-torn life by taking yourself out of the picture.

If you sit quietly, and say, ‘Universal Intelligence, I’m passing all my troubles over to you, please, you sort them out for me,’ you will feel a sense of relief. In time you will feel the Universe’s energy waves flowing through you. Try to repeat this positive message ten times. You must convince yourself that Universal Intelligence will start to remove any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your happiness.

   Don’t ask, don’t get.

   Follow the path to freedom by talking to Universal Intelligence, day or night.

Try this:

sit, with lightly closed eyes, and centre the attention at the Third eye between the brows. Give your breathing a chance to settle down. Your spirit flies across a stormy ocean that gradually calms as you come to a desert island. Alone in the sunshine, you sit in the shade of a palm tree. With the sea breezes gently brushing your face, all your troubles are far away, and they no longer belong to you. As you sit soaking up the sun, thank Universal Intelligence for helping you to free your mind of worries. In this visualisation, you can stroll barefoot beside the sea or go for a swim. You can make the island your special place where you can get away whenever you feel the need.

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