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The Black Age

You are not separate from me, a rose, snowy owl, the moon, the universe. The universe and all that is in it is vibrating energy. If you could view life in atom form, you would see the billions of atoms your body crashes into and them scattering in all directions, as you get out of bed and dress. You inhale particles that an African or Chinese man exhaled a year ago. Likewise, particles pass through you that travelled over Mars, Jupiter, and on comets lightyears away.

Why should you feel anything for a starving child that does not belong to your family? Because you are cosmically connected to the child. You cannot get away from it, there is universal connectivity. There is a harmonious natural balance to universal laws. However, plagues and death send dark energy into the ether that stagnates and falls back down to earth. Like the minus temperatures and snow that created the Ice Age, we are now facing a Black Age. Paramahansa Yogananda (Indian saint) calls it partial dissolution. ‘When the earth becomes very heavy with disease and evil, these etheric disturbances cause the earth to give way to earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.’

You may think, what can I do to change these cataclysmic changes in the ether. You can help yourself. Imagine your body is a trembling star. With the help of meditation, you can energise your star to twinkle in the dark energy field that currently vibrates in the ether. Consciously sending out positively lit atoms, makes you impervious to dark energy. You create an impenetrable force field. I am not saying you will single-handily turn the tide of the Black Age. Still, you will be inoculated against the dark energy. In these worrying times, you can harmonise with Mother Nature. Universal Intelligence always recovered in one form or another.

Life as we know it is changed, we must accept that. What the future holds, we shall have to wait and see. But you have the potential to recreate YOU. The worldly panorama and attachment to the body are impermanent, subject to pain and anguish. The spirit rises above the earthly rigmarole and such things as wars and global pandemics. The soul lives through life cycles and the pains and pleasures they bring. In meditation, you find inner peace and harmony.

Try this,

You sit in a log cabin beside a snowy mountain range. The flames of the crackling log fire warm your face as your breathing settles down. When you feel calm, inhale, imagining bright yellow energy filling your body. When you feel energised, see yourself as a twinkling star in the night sky, shedding a tremendous white light over dark matter. Imagine the twinkling star in your heart, feel it radiating from within. Sit with these beautiful thoughts for a few minutes.

When you are ready, bring you consciousness back to earth, at the log fire, and then your private place of meditation. As you go about your day, feel the twinkling star inside your heart vibrating with Universal Intelligence.

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