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The River of Life

We are all connected to the river of life, that flows through our hearts and minds. The waters are choppy, and like fish are thrown about on the river surface, we fight against the currents. The strong swimmer keeps his head above water while the non-swimmer and weak succumb to watery graves. While a man fishes on the riverbank of life, another loses his footing and torrents carry him away. Why is it you and I observe and feel the same living waterway, yet our lives differ drastically?

According to learned yogis, we enter each life cycle carrying certain traits. The first taste of wine on one man’s lips has little effect, yet the flavour leads to rack and ruin for another. Every spirit is a uniquely cut diamond of human form. Good traits help the world go round; otherwise, the surgeon,  carpenter, blacksmith, would all be pop stars! Without these traits that flow on the eternal river of life, the waters would run dry.

These inherent characteristics determine the pessimist, neutralist, and optimist. We each hold a different interpretation of the rugged landscape that lies before us. If we can lay the cards of traits on the table and observe our inborn ways, we are on the thorny path to self-discovery. Though meditational practices, like ancient yogis, we can squash harmful traits and habits we carry through endless birth and death cycles. Many of our features hold us back from progress. We forever swim against the current.

Standing back, consciously appraising a situation, hands back to you the reins of your life. For instance, a member of your household clumsily breaks your best bone china cup – before screaming the house down, you could stand on the riverbank and survey the situation. When composed, you will receive sensible responses to the broken china incident. This way, you begin to overturn harmful traits.

In these dark times, the river of life carries us away on its tremulous surface. We are mentally struggling to survive. Stand back, observe, and stamp out detrimental behaviour patterns/traits, and you will save yourself much pain and misery. Universal Intelligence (Mother Nature) The universal reservoir of untouched potential flows above all else. In meditation, you can ask the royal power, universal intelligence to work for you. 

Sit quietly with closed eyes and allow the lungs to relax. In the warmth of the cabin log fire, beside the snowy mountain, repeat, ‘I am spirit.’ ‘I flow with the river of life.’ ‘I am at one with Universal Intelligence.’ Visualise your body as vibrating blue-violet energy. Spend fifteen minutes reciting the affirmations while aglow with healing colours.

On returning to the outer world, make it your goal to tame unwanted traits. That way your positive statements become ingrained like the grooves in a 7-inch vinyl disc.

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