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Taking the reins of life

How can I change the way I run my life? I am who am I am, right? I always worry – I can’t help that – I am made that way.

Recognise these statements?

   Do you decide what is happening today, or act according to come what may? Does negative news leave you in a disharmonious mood? If so, these are classic symptoms that can lead to mental misery. Unless we consciously take the reins of our life, the horses will run wild. We are like a boxer who leaves himself open to punches, this unguardedness, given time, leads to worry, stress, and mental instability. You can change the way you respond to the film show of life and take control of your thoughts and actions and prevent the build-up of harmful traffic in your brain.

When you wake up, say to yourself that I shall meditate today if only for a few minutes. Suppose you carry out your resolution and spend a few minutes with closed eyes. In that case, you will have made a conscious decision and carried it out and achieved something off your own back. Just before falling to sleep, ask yourself, what did I gain today. The next day you might be more adventurous and scheduled two or three personal goals to accomplish. Before you fall to sleep, recall your successes, and give yourself a pat on the back.

The secret to coping with life is to consciously rise above it, and observe behavioural patterns for how little we know of ourselves! When mentally on the ball, you can stamp out harmful ideas before they pile up and cause mental blockages. Why can one man sleep though he is about to lose his house while a man in the same position commits suicide? The contrast between the non-worrier and the chronic worrier shows us we are each set in our ways as to how we handle situations. Unconscious behaviour drops the reins of life, and the horses of thought and action run amok.

When attending to your children’s needs or doing the housework, you can mentally set targets, i.e., I will not watch the repeating news bulletins on TV. One fulfilled ambition can put you on the thorny path to mental freedom. Being involved in the making of your life drama is a preventative to ill mental health.

Try this:

Sit quietly with closed eyes and wait for calmness to overtake your body and mind. Inwardly visualise yourself in an ideal setting, i.e., on a tropical island in the sun. One of my preferred sites is in a log cabin beside the snow-tipped mountains. In my mind’s eye, I light a log fire in my hideaway.  In the heat of the flames, I sit cross-legged on a rug while allowing my spirit to transcend my body, and soar with the universe’s stars and planets. Sit with your inner visions for ten to fifteen minutes. Return to the worldly plane refreshed and feeling in control of your life.

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