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Physical/mental inertia manifests out of a lack of enthusiasm. On the other hand, when enthused about something the body and mind fizz with zest – we shine like a lighthouse on a stormy night at sea. But it is all too easy for the light within to dull to the point of a tiny glow.  Chronic illnesses drag us down in the tangle of indolence. Boredom squeezes the lemon of creativity dry. As many of us are experiencing a global pandemic, hopelessness crushes our spirit like a walnut in a nutcracker. But if we appraise the languid condition we get into, it boils down to a state of mind. Never mind the cause of the mindset, let’s look at what we are left with, our battered will, and downbeat mood and attitude. We can view today’s restrictive way of life, and say, well, what have we got to be happy about? What do we have to look forward to? Are we not living at the end of the world scenario, or partial dissolution of life as we know it? These unprecedented times are indeed the darkest of days.

Imagine if you put your troubles aside and lied to yourself. You say, from today I exude the joyfulness of a child. With a smile on your face, you continuously affirm positive statements, like, I will empower my body with the light of universal intelligence.  I will stamp out harmful habits like excessive alcohol intake, smoking, overeating, and thus take a firm grip on my life. I will think and act with the enthusiasm of a college student studying medicine, physics, marine biology, etc.  I will radiate universal energy.

You may not feel like pretending you are all that I have said, but you could at least give it a try. Treat it as how you first tasted a new food dish, you needed to taste it to acquire its delicacy. Without enthusiasm, you are but an empty shell—feelings of helplessness shower you with sticky black rain that is difficult to wash clean. Imagine walking a tightrope when you are fearful and shaky and then imagine how different the situation would be if you felt upbeat and raring to go. The chances are you would trot across the tightrope. It is a case of bucking your ideas up, getting in the mood, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, ‘you can do this!’

Try this: 

Sit quietly with closed eyes and put yourself in an ideal setting, i.e., a beach with palm leaves and sapphire-blue waves licking the shoreline. When tranquillity has become you, you are ready to affirm your goals:  I will put a smile on my face and act cheerful regardless of my mood. I will refuse to watch TV news bulletins; instead, I will become creative and draw/paint pictures, write stories/poems, carry out craftwork, etc. Changing the baby’s nappy, housework, shopping, and so on, will be vigorously performed, as though each task a fantastic event. Finally, I will ask universal intelligence to help me in all my endeavours.

When you feel ready, tell yourself you are going to return to the physical world. Open your eyes and gently stretch. Go about your day, adhering to your new mindset. 


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