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Are we in control of our mind? Are any of us free-thinking or is our brain-traffic being manipulated? For much of the wakeful time, yellow-coloured subtitle reruns like Sky News think for us. The organic computer (brain) is typing syntax as we work, rest, and play. Feeding information to intelligent body cells, each one a kingdom unto itself. Incoming sights and sounds, etc., become language, e.g., ‘I like the look of waterfalls and clouds, and I really dig Deep Purple’s music.’ Body cells, flickering like fireflies in a summer’s darkness, impress and depresses inner dialogue culminating in what we perceive as feelings.  

Imagine lying on a sandy beach sunbathing. Aquamarine waves reach the shore, and creep like a pianist’s fingers on the sand and recede to the ocean. Salt-scented air mingles with screeching seagull sounds. The only thoughts that consume your mind are – ‘shall I rub more sun oil on my shoulders? What time should I take the children for donkey rides and buy them ice lollies.’  On the ‘beach’ sensory inputs transmit positive vibes to body cells. You could say governing captions are overturned by a military coup – an army of positive-minded organisms.  

That is all well and good, I hear you say, but how often do I get to lay on a sunlit beach? What about when I arrived home and back to reality? Then I must face the music all over again. Yes. But don’t despair, your cells live by the book, the one you are writing. Humans are superior to all other species on this beautiful planet of ours -we have free will. We can edit mental syntax as we do to a ‘Microsoft Word’ document on a PC. We have what no other creature on earth or a PC has – imagination. We can create through mental images, scripts, language, a utopian world to live in.   

A prince’s kiss in a dream can feel as magical as the touch of lips in the physical world. When you awaken from a paradisiacal sleep fantasy, you can hardly believe the running storyline in your sleeping head was pure fabrication. It seems the brain is an author! In the dreamworld, pain, pleasure, joy, sadness, and human emotion equal the material world’s realness. When we consciously visualise, we are wakefully creating dreams. In sleep land, all bets are off! Anything can happen. Cultivating the art of sitting quietly with closed eyes and consciously visualising puts a block on negative media text running in your head.

Try this:

Sit quietly with closed eyes and wait for calmness in body and mind. Visualise yourself in an ideal setting, such as, a tropical island in the sun. Here the only words behind your lightly closed eyes are ‘joy’ and ‘tranquillity,’ and so on. You may want to explore your inner universe. One of my preferred sites is a log cabin beside the snow-tipped mountains. In my mind’s eye, I light a log fire in my hideaway.  In the heat of the flames, I sit cross-legged on a rug while allowing my spirit to transcend my body, and soar with the universe’s stars and planets. Sit with your inner visions for ten to fifteen minutes. Return to the worldly plane feeling refreshed and  in control of your life.

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