Unconditional love

If you have stood back and taken a long hard look at yourself, you will have observed some unsavoury traits – unless you are a saint! It is a real blow to your Ego (worldly personality) to discover you’re not the wonderful person you like to think you are. Think back… how do you view a grossly oversized/undersized person, an extravert/introvert, an absurd dresser, the beggar on the street? Are you a Good Samaritan, or would you cross over to the other side of the road? This ‘contemplation’ is not intended to rip you apart! It is a case of self-viewing through clear-tinted glasses.

When we inwardly curse someone, we condemn ourselves. Each of us is a single cell belonging to this fantastic cellular universe. Therefore he or she is a mere reflection of ‘you’! So when we love one person and hate another, we are simply being controlled by worldly egotistical emotions. We might inwardly scream at the person dawdling across the zebra crossing. We don’t know the strangers’ plight, what goes on in their life, yet we judge them from our own platform, i.e., if we are in a hurry we inwardly yell at them. That person’s child might have just died, or what if he/she has a mental disability or anything else that is slowing the individual down? You wouldn’t consider this in a million years through worldly selfish eyes. (If you are saint-like I apologise to you!)

We need to learn to put a halt to this instant judging, criticising, and scorning, etc., tendency. We need to see behind the false identity, Ego, and rediscover the true ‘Self’. Then we start to remould our personality/life. Jump off the rollercoaster of worldly life and give yourself some time to genuinely deliberate on what kind of person you are and what type of person would you like to become.

Everything existing in our universe has contradictory consequences, e.g., where there is an attraction there is repulsion. We have negative/positive traits, at any given moment, one or the other is controlling. The more steeped in worldly mire one is the more negative one can only be. Self-observation can hold out a branch on which you can grab to be pulled out of the earthly quagmire. The somnambulist (sleepwalker) sinks in the mud with no staff reaching out to him.

Therefore rather than judge the man beneath you, it would be a most positive gesture to send him Unconditional love, thus offering him the arm of salvation. Of course, to do what doesn’t come naturally, one must be on guard, to catch the rogue thoughts and slay them before they’ve had time to work their illusory powers on the mind. By this method, you can start to reprogram the way you are. The most tremendous energy force in this universe is Unconditional love. You can learn to utilise this energy. On the in-breath fill the lungs with pranic energy (tiny particles in the air). Store it by holding the breath. On the out-breath imagine smoothly exhaling, transmitting blue power to people, animals, all life forms. In a densely populated forest, you will feel your spiritual outgoing coming back to you ten-fold. 

Self-improvement is attainable, but it must come by contradicting ‘unwanted’ traits in our worldly personality. Replace negative thoughts about the unshaven meths drinker, by transmitting electric-blue waves of love energy his/her way. Say under your breath: ‘I send you Unconditional love.’ You’ll catch yourself smiling. Your heart will swell with bubbling pride. Your immune system will buzz with youthful energy. (As a child you were non-judgemental, unconditional love flowed from your young spirit naturally.) Continue in this vein, exchanging ‘positive’ for ‘negative’ traits.  

Try this: 

Make a habit of inwardly rebuking negativity, replace it with Unconditional love. If you catch yourself judging a person or a creature, immediately inhale a smooth full breath. Imagine the inhaled oxygen converts to blue energy. Unconditional love is directed on the out-breath to the person or animal. Say under your breath… I unconditionally love you. 

You will feel such satisfaction! It is as if your love comes flooding back. Even transmit the blue, Unconditional love to your arch-enemy. The cross of negativity is lifted from your shoulders. The burden of hate disintegrates to ashes in the flames of pure love. Your arch-enemy will become powerless because he can no longer stir any hatred in you. When you think of your arch-enemy, smile, even laugh, and think, how I could have let him be such a burden upon my soul! What a fool I have been! 

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