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You are a natural healer

The Aureoles Borealis (Northern Lights), those beautiful sheets of colour illuminating the Northern skies, are produced by magnetic energy. Your magnetic field/aura glistens just as fabulously, radiating every colour of the rainbow. A gifted aura-reader can spot health irregularities in the human energy field by looking past the subject and gazing into their coloured light.  

Brain neurons incessantly spark electrical currents. If we could take a brain’s total electricity, at any given moment, and store it in a generator, we would have enough energy to light up London! The universe, you, and I, and all that exists, is vibrating bio-magnetic-electrical activity.

 Poltergeist activity could be adolescent fury. Sheer youthful energy and hormonal-change-activity can send out a ferocious energy force (telekinesis), throwing sizable objects (table and chairs) across a room. Poltergeist activity interferes with magnetic/electrical currents, say, a Television, PC, microwave oven, etc. This bio-force is transferable from one body to another. Imagine jump-leads, transferring energy from a live car battery to a flat one.   

My late wife, Kath, visited various healers. The healing routine unfolded similarly: Kath was either told to sit down or lie down, and relax, while the healer laid his/her hands-on Kath’s body. Kath remarked, one healer’s hands were as hot as toast, whereas another is cold as ice. Hot hands soften a solid tumour mass, and cold hands cooled inflammation, both giving pain-relief.

Healer’s approaches vary. One dear lady refused to accept any payment or credit for her healing gift, reporting; she acted as a conduit through which God sent his healing energies. Another healer appeared to take on the recipients’ symptoms, often running to the toilet to be violently sick. He had physic powers and called his practice’ psychic healing’.   

There are numerous healing methods, such as Hands-on Healing, Faith Healing, Reiki Healing, spiritual-Healing, herbal-Healing, Therapeutic Healing (aromatherapy, massage, etc.), Psychological-Healing, Self-Healing. 

To feel body heat currents, face the hands’ palms at an inch apart. Presently you experience energy-flow. If you practise separating the palms; the energy-flow develops to a high degree. You are a natural healer. You regularly perform healing, whether kissing your child’s bump on the head all better or giving comforting words to a friend in distress.  A tremendous healing force is a Unconditional love. One evening, my late wife, Kath, said to me, ‘You can do healing, Bob, lay your hands on my tummy. During my healing session, I visualised travelling in spirit form to areas of the universe where yogis sat crossed-legged, in astral form, sending healing energies to the world. I asked them to transfer their spiritual efforts through me to my wife. After that evening, Kath would not go to sleep without my hand-on-healing. Pure love and visualisation are impressive combinations.

Because you are a natural healer, you could heal yourself. Develop your healing energy with the palming exercise, to the point you feel the energy field between the palms split at two feet apart, and regularly practise conscious visualisation.

You will become a powerhouse.

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