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The Golden Waterfall

Why not get away from all of your worldly trials and tribulations and enter your inner universe. Follow this little uplifting visualization to find healing and comfort.

I walk down a path lined with pine trees. Birds sing. Early morning mist seeps through the trees, giving sections of the scented path light and shade. I come to an iron gate, wet with morning dew. It creaks as I open it. I walk through a yellow wheat field with dancing feathery stalks of corn. I come to a lush green meadow and remove my sandals and walk barefoot on the damp grass. I admire clover, daisies, and buttercups as I stroll to the top of the meadow hill and view the beyond. I walk on…

I come to a golden waterfall. Angels bathe in a turquoise pool bubbling at the foot of the falls. The sound of water and the feel of the spray on my face greets me as I approach the golden waterfall. Steps lead down to the pool. I take them slowly, with two angels holding my hands. The water is warm, and my body feels weightless and tingles all over. Angles play in the water, diving, splashing, and swimming below the surface. 

Two celestial beings fly me to the top of the waterfall, where I admire the breathtaking view. The spiritual females hold my hands, and with open wings, slowly glide me down the face of the cascading water. On my way, I see deceased loved ones smiling at me from behind the veil of gold. The angels return me to the turquoise pool. They tell me the water has healing properties, and swimming in the gifted water will heal me on all levels: spiritually, mentally, and physically. I enjoy some time in the celestial oasis.  

I say goodbye to the angels, leave the pool and the waterfall, and retrace the steps of my journey over the meadow, through the wheat field and back up the path lined with pine trees. In my own time, I return to the material plane.

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