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Guardian Angel

Do you ever feel blessed, lucky to be alive? Most of us at some time in our life have wondered – how in God’s name did I get away with that. A miraculous escape can be viewed from many angles. My mother abandoned me when I was a baby. I could look back at that with a ‘poor me’ attitude. However, I have learned from confidential files that had I lived with my mother and her husband; I would have lived a miserable life.  I passionately believe, with all my heart, my Guardian Angel was watching over me. 

I am convinced everyone has a Guardian Angel. I would need to add twenty years to my life to relay all the accounts from people who state divine intervention saved them. How many times have we heard somebody profess someone appeared out of nowhere? They took the person by the hand and led them out of the car/train/plane wreckage or out of a war zone or looked over them during surgery. You do not have to be religious minded to have a spiritual bodyguard. I know survivors of death-defying experiences.  Since the day they were christened, never have they entered the confines of a holy dwelling – church tabernacle, etc. Yet, they readily confess, I would not be here, but for the divine intervention of a loved and dearly missed deceased relative. Blinkered people say a fantastic escape from disaster is luck; it simply wasn’t my time to go.  These disbelievers do not want to have something special in their life. Narrow-minded people will miss a golden opportunity when it falls out of the sky and lands on their head because they think mundanely.

We can contact our Guardian Angel. The first step to establishing a relationship with your spirit guide is to accept he /she really does exist. Sceptics among you should remove your defensive armour and bear with me.

Try this:

Retire to your hideaway and sit quietly with closed eyes. Allow a minute or two for your breathing to calm down. Imagine an aquamarine healing pool at the foot of waterfalls where angels fly and play. Sit beside the healing waters, with the warm sun on your shoulders and the mint tasting spray on your face. Immense peacefulness engulfs you. You somehow feel at home in this majestic paradise. Child angels hold your hands as you immerse your body in the magical waters. Standing shoulder-deep in the scented pool, your physical pain and mental worries dissolve.  You feel as light as a feather. Suddenly a great light catches your attention. Hovering in mid-air before you is a brilliant-white angel.  The messenger from the higher worlds introduces him/herself as your Guardian Angel. The downy feathered protector tells you that you are constantly under his/her watchful eye. You are never alone. Stay here in the bubbling waters with the gushing waterfalls for as much time as you can afford. In this haven, you are safe from all the troubles that challenge you on the world plane. Your spiritual attendant’s altruistic face shines down on you. Unconditional love energy fills your heart and soul with joy. You realise you are not alone in this world, and you have an everlasting friend. Your winged chaperone confirms that in your hour of need, he/she will always be beside you. The ethereal visitor evaporates. It is time for you to return to the physical world. 

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