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Mother Nature will save the day

Should I get out of bed today or lie here with the pillow over my head? Dare I turn on the news to discover the next stage of terror to face me? Can I look at my children in the eye and make myself appear normal? What is the best way to tell my children grandma had disappeared from the face of the planet?  These thoughts are all too familiar in the world in which we are surviving today.  We are all experiencing the effects of the dark smog surrounding our globe. And like coal dust, the pollution is swirling invisibly in our midst. We are unintentionally spreading negatively charged atoms. This isn’t surprising as we witness disease, death, and our loved ones leaving us without farewells.  We are entangled in a spider’s web of woe.  We can see no way out of this pitch-black tunnel making the future bleak. What is to become of us? What shall be left for our children? How do we find our way out of this maze – if indeed there is an exit. Are these questions you have asked yourself recently?

Is there a way out of this black calamity? I say yes – there is.

Mother Nature is our saving grace. Have you noticed how nature, if anything, is thriving through the course of this Covid-19 pandemic? She is indestructible. Give her an Ice Age to deal with, and She bounces back in all her former glory. How much time do we give to nature? City dwellers hardly spend any time with nature. In a crisis, do we turn to nature? No. We search for a solution in the concrete and clay of our earthly existence. We cannot find peace and harmony in the rubble of these dark times. Thus, we are destabilising our brain – we feel like a trapped mouse in a cage, we cannot see a way out of this predicament. Nature’s unconditional love exists for everyone. She neither judges nor discriminates – she shines for you and totally free of charge. Nature is the one stable thing in your life. Will the tides cease to bring the waves to desolate seashores? Will she fail to coax the withered leaves into falling in autumn.  Will the never-repeating sky patterns stop dead in their tracks, or a snowflake produce a carbon copy of itself? –  Nah!

‘But I don’t live near the snowy mountains or pine-scented firs of the Himalayas – I live in the borough of Lewisham!’ You protest. I know, I hear you. But I tell you, you can today, right now, say, Nah, I am not accepting anything of this horrible stuff in my head. I am going to fill my mind with beauty, love, and thoughts of nature.  This way, whatever is happening, you can turn the tide of negativity crashing upon the shores of your brain and body. 

Try this:

Sit quietly in your hideaway. Visualise sitting in a remote spot, soaking up the sun’s positive energy. Sit beside a trickling mountain brook, relax beside a log fire at the foot of a snow-tipped mountain, collect berries and fruits from a forest. By merely walking with nature, physically or mentally, you will light up your auric field (the colourful magnetic field of energy surrounding your body). Imagine  your newly acquired positive energy being sent like smoke signals skywards. Feel at one with nature.  When you are ready, tell yourself you are returning to the physical world. Gently stretch. I am sure you will feel much better. Let me know if you do.

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