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You could be the belle of the ball

The other day I heard a woman remark, ‘What is the use of putting makeup on? No one is going to see me.’  When you feel depressed, the last thing on your mind is re-evaluating the way you look. You can’t be bothered to get out of bed, let alone shower, style your hair, and dress in the way you would if you were going to an evening ball.  However, I am going to motivate you to do just that.  

My late wife, Kath, wouldn’t leave the house unless her face was made up and her plum colour glossy hair looked immaculate. She wore shoulder pads inside her colourful sweater, slacks, and red or black stilettos. Even when she was poorly, she arrived at the school playground looking like Joan Collins out of Dynasty. I saw some mums, in tracksuit bottoms, looking dishevelled and average, giving Kath dirty looks. They would even sidle up to Kath and sarcastically remark, ‘Where are you going?’ They were envious of Kath because they couldn’t be bothered to make themselves up and look great as she did. My children proudly ran up to their smart-looking mum for kisses and cuddles in the playground. I remember one of the women who didn’t pride herself on her appearance, always half hid under an oversized cardigan or a long trench coat.  I am sure some days she was still in her nighty with a jumper over the top. One day, she appeared in the playground, with her hair cut, styled, and wore new clothes.  The way she paraded; you’d have thought she was on the catwalk.  She clearly felt like a million dollars and wanted everyone to see – the transformation was incredible. Usually, the new look woman couldn’t get out of the playground quickly enough, but she looked happy, self-assured, and talked to other mums on this day.

When a celebrity enters a room, you know a superstar has joined you. The famous person dressed and groomed impeccably, maybe a superstar, but they are still mere human beings. You could emulate star quality.  You have the X factor. You may not have the money of a celebrity, but you can make the best of what you’ve got. You could give yourself the aura of a megastar so that you make an unforgettable entrance when you enter a room. People will admire you and feel magnetised to you.  That kind of popularity is at your fingertips. You need a starting point to motivate you, and we shall do that together.  I am asking you to go along with my ideas and see for yourself how amazing you can look and feel.  In the darkest recess of your soul, there is a tiny flame. We will add fuel to that flame so that it burns brightly like a heavenly body in space. 

Try  this:

Sit quietly with closed eyes in your hideaway. When you feel relaxed, imagine entering a spectacular ballroom.  Visualise your dress, jewellery, and hairstyle. Picture yourself waltzing with a handsome partner – you are the belle of the ball. Repeat this visualisation until you want to become the beautiful leading lady of your inner visions.  I promise you, eventually, you will endeavour to become a dazzling star attraction.

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