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The Reservoir of latent Intelligence

Did you know there exists a reservoir of latent intelligence (God’s light) thriving on the fringes of the universe? You and I were created out of pure essence. The second before our creation, we were non-existent, and then, boom …we lived. Leonardo De Vinci, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Goth, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, plucked their beautiful ideas for inventions from this inexhaustible untouched energy source. Individuals invented a safety pin, an elastic band, a matchbox, a comb, a radio, a TV, a computer, a spacecraft, etc. The inventors utilised the glowing golden thread (an ethereal umbilical cord), connected to the reservoir of latent intelligence, to extract the energy of dormant potential. Once it has come into being, the innovative spark of creativity is worked on by other human minds and hands. Music recording started out with a meagre 4-Track tape recorder that The Beatles recorded their early records on. Nowadays, we have an infinite number of digital tracks with which to use to record our music. But it all began with a spark of genius. A person tapped into universal intelligence. 

How do we physically feed off this infinite source of potential wisdom? Try this: pluck the golden strings of universal intelligence by writing poems or drawing/painting, or if you are musically inclined, composing a song. Going against the norm and involving yourself in something quite bizarre, such as learning to ride a pushbike backwards or writing with your less dominant hand, burns the coal of creativity. Imagine, the oil lamp’s flame struggling in your soul to stay alight can become a roaring inferno when fed with creative energy’s fuel. 

If we observe the animal kingdom, it is plain to see that tigers and gorillas are not linked to the golden source. This is not to say creatures of the earth are without intelligent. They abide by nature’s strict codes of conduct – birds fly south in the winter. But the gorilla will not get the notion to want to fly to the moon, no more than the tiger to build a transistor radio.

Although the potential energy is within easy reach, we tend to ignore it. An uncreative mind leads to repetitious behaviour, and if uncorrected, produces a Zombie-like being. Life unfurls repetitively and passes imperceptibly. We must wake up and tap into universal intelligence. Let us exchange the uncreative life for a creative life.

Try this: 

Sit quietly with closed eyes in your hideaway. Visualise an expanse of ocean sparkling with many colours that represent the reservoir of latent intelligence. Imagine a gossamer astral thread travelling from the crown of your head to the reservoir of latent intelligence. Feel the vibrating energy travelling through the luminous cord.

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