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In the greater scheme of things

I watch negative news and think about what is really important. I contemplate unfair parallels in life, and that keep things in perspective for me. We have a TV interviewer earning multimillion dollars for a TV company. Her guests live in a multimillion-dollar mansion, with multimillion-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix, complaining about distasteful remarks made to them and how living in the spotlight gives them mental trauma. At the same time, the show they are on goes out to seventy countries around the world.

The parallels in life mentioned are these: we have a woman living in a Third World Country who has no clothes, no car, no home (a mud hut), no food to eat, and a child that is going blind and will probably die of diphtheria, typhoid, malaria, etc. or simply starve to death. Hello! And you think I am concerned about these high-profile people who had something they dislike said to them? So, they have their grievances pumped worldwide to earn TV companies millions and increase the publicity surrounding the couple. I don’t think so!  

You can’t live in two mansions at once, no more than you can drive two limousines at once. You can’t wear two glitzy designer dresses at once, no more than you can eat all the food on a banqueting table. You may own a gold castle with a trillion acres of lush land and forestry, but how much is it worth if you can die in a second. You can’t take possessions with you in the afterlife; as we know, they remain here on the earthly plane. The only permanent thing we own is the spirit. The poor African woman and her undernourished child possess a soul, as does the millionaire. The yogis have a Sanskrit word – Maya – which means ‘illusion.’ For all the wealth we gain, it can be taken from us in the blink of an eye. In the greater scheme of things, wealth is worthless. Nurturing the spirit is the true fortune to be had in life. The eternal spirit thrives on experiencing and learning and survives human deaths like passing through long sleep. All spiritual work is saved and carried over from one life cycle to the next. When I see the impoverished African woman and her child, I see two golden spirits untainted by the Western world’s riches. They are closer to reality than wealthy western entrepreneurs. When we see the bigger picture, life is laughable.

The high profiles might visit the African community and muck in with some chores while being filmed, but once they are back home, they resume their luxurious lifestyles. We can’t begin to imagine the suffering Third World peoples go through, day in day out. What can you do permanently? If we concentrate on the spirit (meditation) and distance ourselves from the Ego (worldly personality), then race, colour, rich man, poor man becomes null and void. Every person on this planet, in spirit form, is equal; there are no superior beings.  

Try this:  

sit quietly with closed eyes in your hideaway and visualise sitting with the mother and the child outside a mud hut in Africa. Show them how to meditate. Tell them to imagine green grass, fresh water, plenty of food, and medical supplies. Tell them to picture the golden spirit glowing inside their body. Explain that they own the most precious thing in the world, a soul. Sense and feel their simple way of life. It is a most humbling experience.

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