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Do we have a soulmate? 


The yogis believe a soul mate is a friend from a past life. Both souls have surpassed the body shell in death and met again in this new incarnation. The great Indian Saint, Parmahansa Yogananda, met several soulmates (past life acquaintances) in his lifetime. The illumed yogi found himself attracted to a person and knew a particular relationship would transpire. Occasionally, the guru remembered a friend and their association in a previous life. 

Most people believe their partner or spouse is a soulmate, but that isn’t strictly true. There is a difference between loving someone and having a relationship with a soul mate. Romantic affairs break down, often acrimoniously. A soulmate’s relationship survives the cruellest seas, whether the incarnated souls are close or far apart. 

Having said all that, soul-enemies exist. I met one! My wife and I chatted to a Palm Reader at a spiritual fair. The woman and I instantaneously repulsed each other. The disharmony was palpable. I could not account for the cacophonous clash. Later that day, in meditation, it came to me that the Palm Reader and I had been enemies in a past life cycle. Thankfully, the soul enemy and I had no reason to meet again. 

This ancient soul recognition phenomenon extends to children and animals. A child might cry, or an animal snarl, each time you enter the room. That could mean you didn’t get on with the child or animal in a previous incarnation. 

I have talked to people with recurring nightmares involving a menacing person with malevolence written in their glowing eyes. This haunting could be a soul-enemy trying to make contact. On a pleasanter note, I’ve heard reports of a comforting ghost or a deceased relative appearing in the night; a soulmate, yet to be reborn, maybe trying to make contact. 

Having a rapport with someone could simply mean you are kindred spirits, two individuals on the same wavelength, as they say. But then what I felt in the prickly presence of my soul-enemy was instinctive, something higher than earthly sensibilities. It has been suggested that lovers or best friends made a pact to find each other in the afterlife or new life cycle. Ever had a primitive feeling you are waiting for someone to come into your life? That there exists in your soul an empty well. You may spiritually miss your soulmate.

Do you remember the old saying, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family? In this sense, that adage is ironic. Maybe we can choose our friends. 

Yogananda says God purposely saved us from remembering past lives. We would be driven mad if we could experience our former pain and suffering and our eventual death. This may be so, but we could try in meditation to contact our former soulmate. If you have a soulmate, you may sit together in meditation and try to recount meetings in a former life. 

Try this :

Sit quietly with closed eyes in your hideaway and allow yourself to wind down to a relaxed state. When your mind is still, think back to your earliest memory in this life cycle. Imagine yourself in your mother’s womb and then floating in the black universe. Your mind knows what you are seeking, so sit quietly and allow thoughts and images to cross your inner movie screen. With regular practice, you may view flashes of past life cycles, even the face of your beloved soulmate. 

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