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I forget to self-heal


Suppose you suffer from a chronic condition, such as asthma, arthritis, emphysema, etc. In that case, you will be all too aware of the daily slog of putting up with your symptom. From the moment you get up, your enemy is ready to pounce. Some days are worse than others. There is no relent. Even if you have a good day, the foe is waiting to punish you for enjoying a pain-free day. This constant fight against symptoms dictates the kind of day you will have. We have our morning drug ritual involving an asthma pump, swallowing various pills, and attending to our wounds. We visit the hospital and undergo uncomfortable examinations and tests. We hear our consult informing us that our condition has deteriorated, we need more drugs or surgical procedures.

Our nemesis prevents us from having an everyday social life. We can’t have visitors because healthy people bubble with vitality and wear us out. Our symptoms stop us from eating out, going to the cinema, taking part in sports, and doing all the things we enjoyed. Suffering long term conditions becomes a part of us – we breathe, eat, and have our symptom. We follow our GP or consultant’s advice and take our medicine like good children. We acclimatise to our pain and suffering. When admitted to the hospital and given a blood transfusion, one lady told me she returned home feeling like a new woman. Before the transfusion, she had been at the point of death. Yet, she hadn’t noticed her poor quality of life because it gradually worsened.

Here’s the good news. You can heal yourself or at least ease your pain and discomfort. I went to my GP with a crusty growth on the crown of my head. He diagnosed a glandular papilloma that would need to be surgically removed. He referred me to the National Westminster Hospital, London, for surgery. Seeing my glum face as I sat at the breakfast table, my late wife, Kath, said to me, ‘Bob, why don’t you perform healing on yourself? You are always administering healing to me.’ (My late wife had bowel cancer, and every night before she went to sleep, I give her hands-on-healing.). For one week, I visualised green acid dropping from the tip of my forefinger onto the wart-like growth. The mass disintegrated and completely disappeared. Impressed with my miracle healing, I decided to test my self-healing powers on a tiny rice grain like growth on my eyelid. Although it had been a part of me all my life, the rice grain produced a yellow head on the second day of green acid medicine. My children watched it growing as we ate breakfast each day. After a week’s worth of self-healing, the infected rice grain disappeared with no trace from my eyelid.

Self-healing is an effective tool that you own, but why would self-healing come to mind when we are conditioned to leave that kind of stuff to doctors and consultants. I have a problem of forgetting to perform self-healing on myself. When I get around to it, I kick myself because I feel so much better following the mind-to-body healing. I will go into more depth in a follow-up article on self-healing. But for now, try this:

Sit in your private place with closed eyes and allow yourself time to relax. Decide where you want to send your healing energies. Visualise a stream of brilliant-white light pouring through an open channel at the crown of the head. The white light transposes to the healing colour’s blues and purples and engulfs the area of your symptom/s. The vapour’s healing energy will feel warm or cold and tingle in the chosen location. Sit for five minutes allowing the healing to take place. You can imagine transferring healing energy through your hands with them lying on the offending area. Persevere with this beautiful treatment, and it will relieve some of your uncomfortableness or heal you.

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