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Do we time jump?

One day, driving home, a ‘Leggett Removals’ lorry pulled out in front of me. Had I not just been thinking about a girl, Susan Leggett, for the first time since my school days, I would not have thought anything of this event. The coincident haunted me. What are the odds of a lorry, bearing the girl’s name I’d just thought of, crossing my path? I’d say 1,000 000 to 1.

Did I enter a time kink? Let me explain draw two large dots on a sheet of A4 paper, 12 inched apart. The paper represents a timeline, and one dot my ‘girl thought’ the other, the ‘lorry.’ A fold in the middle of the paper draws the dots closer to each other. The folded section of paper produces the ‘time kink.’ The time kink momentarily time travelled me into the future. I encountered a ‘Leggett Removals’ lorry which jogged my memory of the girl. In real-time, when the ‘girl thought’ comes with the ‘lorry’ to follow, I perceive the phenomenon as a bizarre coincidence. This is a personal theory.

Most people encounter time travel experience but put it down to coincident. For example, Aunt Polly rings minute or hours, after, for the first time in months, you gave her a thought. Time kinks are not beholden to seconds. Returning to the folded paper analogy, instead of A4 size paper, imagine the paper the UK’s length. This creates time kinks, minutes and hours long. I have drawn the attention of time travel to friends and colleges, and they often report back with time jump stories. Next time you face a coincidence, deliberate on the prospect of time travel.

Physicists prove time travel possible by sending particles of light into the past.

Scientists from the University of Queensland have used photons (single particles of light) to simulate quantum particles travelling through time. The scientists simulated the behaviour of two photons interacting with each other in two different cases. In the first case, one photon passed through a wormhole and then interacted with its older self. In the second case, when a photon travels through normal space-time and interacts with another photon trapped inside a closed timeline curve forever.

By Mary-Ann Russon   International Business Times

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