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Don’t you deserve a helping hand?

My late wife regularly visited a well-known healer, and on many occasions following a healing session, he would be violently sick down the toilet pan. I questioned him on this, and he explained that he often takes on the symptom/s of his patients. His answer left a long-lasting impression on me because it vividly illustrated how we take on each other symptoms in milder forms. As in the case of the healer, regularly receiving his patient’s negative energy will eventually take its toll. Physicians, surgeons, and nurses learn to stay aloof and detached from patients as a form of self-survival. Otherwise, wouldn’t patients and relatives emotionally drain hospital staff day in and day out? Most of us are not emotionally equipped like professional medical personnel who have been taught to dispassionately treat patients. We innocently listen. We care. We become embroiled and affected by our friends and family member’s woes and ailments.

But shouldn’t we be loving and caring to one another? If we detach and ignore a friend in trouble, doesn’t that make us heartless and uncaring? Is it such a crime to be a good Samaritan? I am not saying we should cross over to the other side of the road when we see a person in need. I am saying we should help ourselves a little more when we are in need. Emotional self-neglect is invisible. Some people go through life, blindly taking the weight of others on their shoulders. Carers receive pleasure from knowing they have performed their good deed for the day. And life would undoubtedly be a poorer place without caring people. But it should be remembered whether knowingly or unknowingly, weak, and sick people can suck an innocent helper dry of their bubbling good energy. Over time the good person becomes depleted of their positive energy. The process is imperceptible but lethal.

If you are always helping those in need, the chances are your positive energy for their negative energy is perpetually changing hands. If you do not protect yourself, there will come a time when you become emotionally drained and fall ill.

Don’t you deserve a helping hand!

If your car battery ran dry, the engine would fall dead as a dodo. Every day as you drive your car, the battery is automatically recharging. Similarly, if your organic battery runs dry, you will break down. We can give ourselves a helping hand by regularly recharging our organic battery. This way, we can help people, and if they suck good energy from us, we restore it as the car engine recharges its battery. Meditation and visualisation techniques can restore positive energy. Moreover, you can become as strong as an ox and impervious to energy drainage because you have so much positive energy to spare. Try this visualisation to recharge your battery:

Sit quietly with closed eyes in your private place. Picture yourself sat beside a snow-tipped mountain. It is spring with pink blossom trees all around. The scent of flowers, herbs, and pine from the nearby forest fills the air. Not far away, a brook sends gurgling water sounds all around. Bird calls  orchestrates  gentle background music while the warmth of the morning sun relaxes your shoulders. You observe vibrating orange and lime auras around the tips of trees and plants and feel tingling energy resonating throughout your body. Sit here in this beautiful Garden of Eden while nature recharges your battery.

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