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The circus of life

   At times we become disillusioned with this world, more so when troubled or sick. Physicians and psychologists do not hold the key to body and mind harmony; commonly, we feel like driftwood following a sea storm. The world is such a crazy place. We often feel like the girl in the circus act, spinning on the wheel, with her sidekick throwing daggers at her. In life, the wheel does not stop revolving, and we receive no applause. We are not escapologists, skilled at unpicking the padlock that binds us, so we cannot always free ourselves and swim to the aquarium’s surface. We find ourselves confined to the Big Tent of life.

   The world is in our head—that’s where life happens. During sleep, the world evaporates. In meditation, we exist in between worlds – wakeful consciousness and super consciousness. In this heavenly domain, we unpick the padlock that binds us to the ‘crazy world’ so that we can swim to freedom. In peaceful silence exterior world is eclipsed by the inner world. We can make our dreams come true. A transcended psyche visualises an ideal physical world in beautiful settings where we are young, healthy, and happy. We elude life’s Big Tent.

   Try this little exercise:

   Sit with closed eyes in your private place and allow your breathing and mind to wind down from the world of mayhem. Sit before a turquoise sea, with gentle salt breezes rustling through your hair. Here is your safe, private place. Image your physicality disintegrates to leave a billion vibrating golden atoms. You are now at liberty to astral travel (in atom form) the universe. You are in-between worlds. Enjoy your complete freedom.

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