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The magical glass dome

Oh dear, what can we do? We wake up to another day of terror knocking, with the Middle East war escalating and the new threat of the Indian variant of the coronavirus. These recent calamities have sprung up in just the last few days, so what next shall rear its ugly head for us to worry about at night? We all know the truth of the matter is there is nothing you and I can do about this crazy world spinning out of control. And, understandably, this sense of helplessness is consciously or unconsciously bringing us down and laying solid foundations for depression and mental health issues. There is a way to healthily deal with these enormous pressures that we face in recent times, and that is – wait for it – to go into reverse!

Do you remember playing in the meadow as a child and picking daisies and chasing butterflies or playing cowboys and Indians and tying your sister to a tree because she is a red Indian? Oh, for those days when we did not have a care in the world! Imagine how your mind and body was then when all your senses were fresh and new, and your eyes saw every ‘thing’ as a first-time experience. You may not remember this, but you had no prejudices and were non-judgemental, and you indiscriminately regarded a scorpion and a furry kitten with equal admiration. Do you ever wonder what happened to that world and the little child that lived inside the magical glass dome? What if I told you that you could return to that ideal world and reunite with that child – YOU? Yes, it is possible.

Let’s begin by saying we are revisiting the child self and the romantic world it lived in through the vehicle of visualisation/affirmation. The nervous system cannot tell from something real and an imagined or visualised idea. If you learn to visualise with strength, your nervous system will act according to your inspired thoughts, images, and words. If you inform your mind and nervous system you are seven years old and strengthen that message with vivid visual effects, the mind and body will respond favourably. I convinced my body and mind I was seven years old, not ultimately, but some of the ways, and I had terrific responses. My child way of walking returned. Yes, I noticed my way of walking had changed. I felt happy and wanted to do what I did as a seven-year-old child; I wanted to collect tea cards, stamps, and play marbles. Many other responses stemming back to age 7 continued to reveal themselves.

I was stunned the first time a person I knew came up to me and said, you look younger than the last time I saw you. After that, I enjoyed the look on people’s faces as they tried to work out if I had a change of hairstyle, been on holiday, and then how they concluded I looked and acted younger than the last time when they had been with me.

I have studied and experimented with this excellent formula for years, and I can’t explain it all here. I had to write a book to get across the whole program. But for now, try this little exercise.

Sit with your eyes closed in a private place. Try to find somewhere in or outdoors where you will not be disturbed. When you have settled down with the help of some deep smooth breathing, you will be ready to practise this exercise. Think of a time in your childhood that you remember well. Think of an activity you enjoyed, like riding your pushbike or swimming. Let us use child-age 7. Try to visualise yourself at age seven and riding your bike, swimming, etc., and then with your image /s in mind, repeat several times: I am 7 years old, happy, and healthy. Spend ten to fifteen minutes visualising and affirming your child age.

I am sure later you will experience some fantastic responses to your work.

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